Hotel Fling – A Sweaty HallPass Story with Caps – P2

Read part 1: Hotel Fling (A sweaty hall pass story) Part 1

As Jack walked to the bathroom Ron made his way to the bed. Vanessa laid back and spread her legs for Ron to get a full view of her used pussy.

As he crawled onto the bed he could see just what Jack had done to his beautiful wife. Her entire body was flush and glistening with sweat. There were little love bites around her neck, tits, and inner thighs. And her once perfect, tight little pussy was a complete train wreck. Her labia were puffy and absolutely gaping open. Her clit was swollen as he’d never seen. And her entire vulva was just this deep red, almost bruised. On top of all that Jack’s cum was just starting to leak out of her.

Ron crawled between his worn-out wife’s legs. He didn’t need to line up his rigid dick. Vanessa was so stretched open that his dick just slid right in. Ron just began to hump away at his wife. There was no friction, nothing for Vanessa to feel, as he just sloshed around in another man’s cum.

Vanessa felt a little pity for her husband, having witnessed another man so she thoroughly took him and hugged him, now humping away, trying desperately to make her feel something. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and whispered to him.

“How do I feel?”

“Really loose. Like so stretched out. He did a number on your pussy.” Ron said.

“It’s okay baby. Just cum. Jack gave me what I needed. I think I’m all cummed out.” She said.

“How do I feel?” Ron asked.

“Small baby. I can hardly feel you.” Vanessa whispered. “But I like it.”

Her words hurt a little, but couldn’t have turn him on more. She was right. Another man had just taken care of her right in from of him. The sounds of her orgasms still rang in his head as he lost control and began to cum inside his wife.

As Ron lay between his wife’s legs she gave him a little tap on the ass signaling him to get off.

“Umm sweetie.’” She said.


“Um can you run to the drug store?”

“For what?” Ron asked as he rolled to the our side of bed.

“Um. Some a…Plan B.” Vanessa said a little sheepishly.

“Shit. Are you telling me you let him cum in you’re unprotected pussy.”

Vanessa just nodded her head.

“And are you…. you know…..”

“Fertile? Yes. It’s that time.”

“Fuck. Yes. I’ll go right now.” Ron said a little frantically.

“Thanks babe. I don’t know how I’d explain having a black baby nine months from now.” Vanessa said as she got out of bed. She gave her husband a big kiss and told him, “Since your going to get some I think I’ll enjoy Jack’s cock one more time. You don’t mind, do you?”

“I don’t. But I thought you were all cummed out.” He said as his wife walked towards the bathroom.

Vanessa looked back, “Oh baby. Not for him. I love you.”

Ron put on the rest of his clothes and grabbed his stuff. As he walked past the bathroom on his way out he could see she his wife in the mirror. She was already on her knees, working Jack’s huge dick.

It took Ron over an hour to get to his car, find a pharmacy, park his car, and get back up to the room. The entire time he was thinking about his beautiful wife getting her brains fucked out by Jack. Never had he seen her respond to sex with such vigor. It seemed that she wanted Jack or more correctly Jack’s cock as much as she could get it.

Ron decided that he would not stand in Vanessa’s way. If she needed something bigger to give her the kind of orgasms he had just seen her have then that’s what she was going to get.

Ron passed Jack in the hallway as got off the elevator.

“You’ve got one hell of a woman,” Jack said. “I’ve never been sucked or fucked so well in my life.”

“Yea she’s amazing.” Ron said. “I’m glad you hit on her. She really needed that confidence boost.”

“Man anytime. I put my number on the desk if y’all are ever in town.” Jack said getting onto the elevator.

“I imagine you’ll be hearing from her again,” Ron replies as the doors closed.

When Ron walked into the room he found his wife completely naked, face down on the bed. She looked like she had dozed off. She must have been completely worn out. They had obviously been screwing since Ron left. Jack took off his clothes and slid onto the bed next to his wife.

“Mmmm. Hey. I don’t think my pussy can take any more of that wonderful cock baby.” Vanessa purred.

“It’s me. Sweetheart.” Ron said

Vanessa rolled over into Ron. “Do you still love me?” She asked

“Of course. Maybe more than ever.”

“Really? You don’t think I’m a slut.”

“Not one bit. I think you’re a woman who needed a good fuck. Do you still love me?” Ron asked.

“So much. You are the best husband ever. It was just sex.” She said, kissing Ron on the cheek.

“Great sex.” Ron said.

“The best. But it doesn’t change anything between us. Right?” Vanessa asked.

“Well maybe one thing.”


“You’re gonna be fucking a young stud now. And I’m gonna be fucking a Hotwife.”

“I don’t know baby. I think this should maybe be a one time thing.”

“If that’s what you want. But I think you should be having sex like that whenever you want. Besides Jack told me that you’re the best he’s ever had.”

“Really? Well the feeling is definitely mutual. I don’t know babe….I mean it probably would never be that good again.”

“Well what made it so good?”

“Umm. I guess partly the situation. Just getting picked up by this hot guy at a bar. And walking past you to the elevator really turned me on. Knowing that you knew that some random guy was taking me back to his room to fuck me. But mostly it was his cock. It was just so much bigger than yours or anything I’ve ever had for that matter. My pussy just felt so stretched and tight around his cock. It just made me feel full and complete. I shouldn’t say that. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Clearly it was. And obviously his cock isn’t going to change.”

“I can’t imagine it would. And he knows how to use it. And it was just so liberating being underneath such a hot, young man. He could have any girl at that bar and he picked me. I should have done something like that years ago.”

“So what happened after I left?”

“Mmmm. Well I’m sure you saw me sucking his cock as you left.”


“Well I blew him for like 10 minutes. It got me so turned on. I don’t know what it is but I really, really liked sucking that big black dick.”

“I could tell.”

Vanessa started tracing her finger around Ron’s chest. “Do I look hot sucking a black cock?”

Ron couldn’t believe his wife, but he was absolutely turned on. “Yes. It’s very erotic.”

“Well when Jack was ready he pulled me up to my feet and bent me over at the vanity. Then he just pushed himself inside me and started pounding my pussy. It was so hot seeing myself getting fucked like that. After I came a couple times I asked him to take me back to bed. I just wanted to lay on my back and let him take me. So he fucked me like that for like must have been 30 minutes until he came.”

“Did you let him cum inside you again?”

“Yea. I’m sorry. I hope that’s okay.”

“Um yea. I mean we’ve got the plan B now.”

Vanessa looked down and noticed her husband’s hardening dick. What a kinky husband she had. “Yea. Because I’m definitely ovulating.”

Ron’s dick was rock hard. Vanessa nibbled on his ear, something that drove him crazy and whispered, “does that turn you on?”

“A little. I guess”

I think it turns you on a lot.” She was toying with him. “I think you might really like the idea of me making you a Cuckold, letting a guy with a huge cock cum in my unprotected pussy. Twice.”

“It’s very risky. And naughty.” He said as his breath quickened.

“He probably knocked me up. He came so much deeper in me than you ever have.” She could tell that Ron was close to cumming again so she threw her leg over and straddled his dick. “Here. Let me help you improve your chances of this being your baby.” She said sinking down his dick.

“Fuck babe. You feel so loose.”

“Oh yea. But you like it.” She said grinding her hips into Ron’s pelvis.

“Yea. I thought you’d be too sore to go again.” Ron said through gritted teeth.

“I kind of am, but you feel so small it’s okay.” She decided she would push this kink and see where it went, hopefully to more great sex with hot guys. “I can’t believe you’re so turned on knowing that another man, with a way bigger cock, just fucked my brains out better than you ever have and knocked me up.”

“Fuck baby. I’m going to cum. Keep talking dirty.”

“He really wrecked my pussy baby. Does it turn you on knowing another man just ruined your wife’s pussy?”

“Fuck yea.”

“That he made me cum more in two hours than I’ve cum all year.”

“I’m glad he fucked you good.”

“Oh he did.” She said as she reached behind her to massage Ron’s balls. “He fucked me so good that I might just have to call him up and enjoy that huge cock some more. Let him completely wreck my pussy whenever he wants. Maybe I’ll let him cum on my face or give him another chance to get me pregnant.”

“Oh fuck I’m cumming.” Ron shouted as he exploded inside Vanessa.

“Yes. Cum for me. Think about me cumming on Jack’s monster cock and him blowing a huge load inside my greedy pussy.”

Vanessa worked her hips for a couple more minutes until she was sure that she had drained her husband before climbing off of his and passing out.

Read part 1: Hotel Fling (A sweaty hall pass story) Part 1


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