How to Cuckold – Listen to Her Stories About Ex-Boyfriends

How to be a better Cuckold? How to turn your wife into a Hotwife? How to start a conversation by listening to Her Stories About Ex-Boyfriends?

“Babe, I’ve kind of ran out of stories about my past lovers. I was thinking that I could maybe start making some new ones. Besides it’s been so long since I’ve had a really big dick inside me.”

How to turn your wife into a Hotwife?

There are many ways to warm up the idea of cuckoldry in her mind. We will discuss just one of them here which might help you.

One of the best ways to help your wife or girlfriend to get warm to the idea of sleeping with others is to ask and listen to her sexy stories about past lovers or one night stands. I advise that you avoid any story involving good or bad feelings so she will stay in the right mood. Also, it is best to avoid side stories to be more focused.

If you are not jealous and can listen over all of the stories and can actually get turned on and masturbate, then it will show both of you that you enjoy Cuckold fantasies and it will show her that she can trust you about not judging her and she can express her sexuality in way more different ways than just having sex with her husband.

If you can find a story involving she cheating on her past lovers will be a goldmine to explore. However, you need to be very cautious to not make her feel like a betrayal or she might feel distanced or worse she might feel you are testing her to see if she will do the same thing with you or not.

She needs to understand this without you even saying a word that you can get turned on about stories involving only her without you having any role in it.

She can be the Hotwife at least in some stories experiencing being the center of attention and she can feel that her sexuality is more important in the story and not her husband. She will eventually understand that she has the freedom to experience more ways of sexuality without her husband getting jealous or sometimes without his permission.

Finally, she needs to feel the power over that she can say things and in the fantasy, she will disregard your probable bad feelings.

Let me know if these techniques works for you?

Please share your own techniques to warm up the idea of cuckolding with your partner? Do not hesitate to share your naughty thoughts with us. We love to hear them.

By Adam MC Amen

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