How to Cuckold – Shorter & More Revealing (see-through) Clothes

How to open cuckold fantasy conversations? How to ask her to wear Shorter & More Revealing (see-through) Clothes?

“Is it short enough baby? I know you want them to lust for me.”

How to open cuckold fantasy conversations?

Another way of opening conversation about your fantasy of your wife having sex with other men can be directing her mindset towards it by buying or encouraging her to wear shorter dresses or skirts or more revealing or even see-through T-shirts and tights.

This can be looked at as a very innocent idea at first because it will show that you are interested to see her sexy all the time and even outside. Your wife or girlfriend will surely appreciate that. First of all, you are expressing that you lust for her every time. Who doesn’t like that? She will feel your lust and love all the time.

It is good to mention here that you are checking her ass or breasts when you are outside and let’s say while she is shopping.
Another subject that she might get curious or may even ask “Aren’t you jealous of other men checking me out?”. This is the best moment to show that not only you are not insecure about this, but actually you enjoy it.


There are two cautions here. First, you need to make sure that she is not the type of woman who enjoys your jealousy. If you directly say that you are not, then she may understand that you are indifferent or don’t like her. Some women enjoy that they have a protective man and they may wear shorter or more revealing clothes but they want their husband or boyfriend to prevent them. Just like your cuckoldry fantasy that is their fantasy.

The other caution is to make sure that this doesn’t go that far that other men disturb her and she starts hating that. This will totally depend on where you live and again. Because most women don’t like to be disturbed or harassed by other men and even as a Cuckold you may need to protect her, so you need to measure this well.

Tell me again how much you love it when I flaunt my body and make men want to fuck me.

She needs to enjoy wearing sexy outside and finally, she needs to enjoy turning on other men because it will turn you on. Eventually, she will understand that when she gets other men’s attention it shows you that she is really attractive in your eyes.

You can have your relation maximum at this level or if naughtier conversations start between you two, then you can escalate that towards cuckolding fantasies. These fantasies can also be about the guys who lust for her.

Let me know if these techniques works for you?

Please share your own techniques to warm up the idea of cuckolding with your partner? Do not hesitate to share your naughty thoughts with us. We love to hear them.

By: Adam Mc Amen

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