Definition – What is Hall-Pass slang for among couples?

This version of “Hall-Pass” does not refer to being a student and school days-gone-by.

As a slang term, a hall-pass is used to refer an agreement between a couple that they can have sex outside of their relationship, generally on a temporary or one-off basis.

The term is recorded at least by the 2010s. Hall passes may be a regular thing for a couple or a new development in their relationship. [1]

Celebrity Hall Pass

Hall pass is specifically used to refer to permission for one partner to sleep with a celebrity without consequences.

This is believed to be the main reason that the slang Hall Pass is created. When a couple talk about the celebrities that they fantasies about or have crush on them, they give this Hall Pass permission as an impossible task because they think it is something nearly impossible to happen.

Some couples consequently give each other this permission because they usually think it is a great idea if they come across and have the chance to sleep with their favorite celebrity. This will be considered as some low risk chance for both.

Use of Hall Pass in an open-relationship & open-marriage

The term Hall Pass used by a couple with an open-relationship of open marriage arrangements a lot.

Some couples create a list for their Hall Pass and share with their partner so both of them will know about the potential people with who they may sleep. This can make them feel safe or make it feel fair between the couple.

“Hey baby, Jess just told me that she has a free pass tonight. If you give me one too I’ll let you fuck her.”

Use of Hall Pass in Cuckolding World

A couple who is interested in testing cuckoldry may try Hall Pass also. A woman can suggest this to her partner to test or push him towards cuckoldry or the opposite a man may suggest to his wife or girlfriend to give freedom to her to become a Hotwife and to lead the relationship towards his cuckolding fantasies.



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