Definition – What does “Reclaim Her” mean in the Cuckoldry world?

This article explains the Definition of Reclaiming (Reclaim Her) in Cuckoldry’s world.

Beware this article includes some nude photos and captions.

Basically “reclaiming” in the context of cuckolding means is the sex between the couple after the Hotwife (wife or girlfriend) had sex with another man. This is an act that symbolizes that the cuckold is reclaiming his wife or girlfriend back.

Because the Hotwife is concurred with another man (or men) and is clearly desired by them, it makes it hot for cuckold together with all of the jealousy that brings with it. The cuckold husband may feel insecure because of the size of the penis of another man who had sex with his wife.

Your wife looks so desirable after a long night of fucking other men.
Your wife looks so desirable after a long night of fucking other men.

Because of these mixed feelings, among most of the cuckold men, reclaiming your wife or girlfriend is described as one of the best sex that they ever had.

Reclaiming can be enjoyable for Hotwife too since she feels the security and love from her husband. Most Hotwife women may feel less sexual after having a better sexual experience but the acceptance of the cuckold will increase their joy of cuckolding experience.

"Just because I got some earlier, doesn't mean I don't still want you inside me now honey!"
“Just because I got some earlier, doesn’t mean I don’t still want you inside me now honey!”

Reclaiming can occur right after the sex of Hotwife with her Bull or group of men as a gangbang or after the hotwife comes back home to her cuckold to tell him about the details of her interactions.

Reclaiming in a group sex or gangbang usually happens when every man is finished with having sex with Hotwife.

“Babe, don’t think about the three guys that just came inside of me. Just put the condom on and reclaim me.”

If the sexual act of Hotwife with other men were bareback which can may have his ejaculation inside her then Reclaiming can involve other sexual activities such as creampie cum licking or sloppy seconds.

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