Bull instructing Hotwife, how to control her Cuck – Caption

Bull ordering Hotwife what to say to Cuckold Caption

She went to her place. She had a rapid heart beat. She wasn’t sure but something was pulling her towards that place. She was able to feel the warmth around her pussy as she entered the flat.

She was there because she was instructed to. She wasn’t feeling bad about it, in the contrary, she was feeling naughty and excited. She felt the need of being controlled by a strong man.

Not like her husband that she thought he was. No, he definitely wasn’t and this man seemed to know what he is doing and what he wants since they have met.

He opened the door and gazed at her body from down to up. She entered, and he guided her to turn around to he can see her in her new and sexy outfit.

The feeling of stress started to fade away as her new Bull started to touch and feel her up in the entrance. They met recently but she could tell that this will go on for a while. He guided her towards the sofa. They sat down. Her Bull started touching her and squeezing her breasts softly while whispering to her ears.

Bull: Did you tell him you were coming here?

Hotwife: Yes

Bull: And was he upset?

Hotwife: Yes

Bull: Did you tell him you weren’t coming home tonight?

Hotwife: Yesss

Bull: Did you tell him you need a real cock inside you, like I told you to?

Hotwife: Yesss

Bull: And?

Hotwife: And he got quiet and didn’t say anything…

Bull: You see…? He’s a cuck. Tonight he will stroke his little penis imagining the pleasure I’m giving you. You know he will…

Hotwife: yesss

Bull: He will worship you for it but there is no going back…. no escape. He needs you to be firm with him, understand…?

Hotwife: Yessss

Bull: And you…? Is this what you need?

Hotwife: Oh yess, take me, fuck me, make me yours.

He already put his strong hands inside her panties and was rubbing her pussy while kissing her neck.

The first day they met and had sex she felt kind of bad because she thought that she cheated on her husband. But after she talked to him she felt much better. Especially now that she saw everything this man said is true.

She was enjoying the rush of the blood all over her body. She was ready to be his. Devoted to his instructions. And she knew her husband will listen to her instruction.

Because her husband had no place to go. He is a Cuckold.

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