Hotwife Text – Sex with her Boss for Promotion – Caption

When I was nervously waiting for my wife’s phone call, she texted me that she is at a hotel with her boss. She was finally doing it. And I was sure that promotion was not the only reason to fuck him. She wrote:

“I’m so mad with myself. I’ve finally got the chance to fuck my boss and I forgot to put matching underwear on. Do you think he’ll say anything?

He’s just gone to the bathroom to freshen up. Anyway, I better go before he comes back.

Thanks for letting me do this baby. I promise this is just to get my promotion and get him out of my system. It’s just a one-off thing, I promise. I’ll be home soon. I love you xxx.”

After reading this I had a huge hard on. I knew that this is not going to be the only time. No boss will let her go after fucking her that easily.

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