Definition – What is feminization & sissification in cuckolding?

We are going to give a clear definition of feminization and sissification. Also, we are going to check how feminization is used in the cuckolding lifestyle.

What is feminization?

If we put the definition of feminization is sociology aside, feminization or feminization (see spelling differences), sometimes forced feminization (shortened to forcefem or forced femme), and also known as sissification, is a practice in dominance and submission or kink subcultures, involving reversal of gender roles and making a submissive partner take on a feminine role, which may include cross-dressing.

Subsets of the practice include “sissy training” and variations thereof, where the submissive partner is trained over time in femininity.

evolution of sissy (feminization)
evolution of sissy (feminization)

Feminization as a sexual fetish is not the same thing as being a transgender woman, and the submissive partners engaging in it are typically heterosexual, cisgender men. It has been speculated that the fetish is rooted in societal pressure for men to be traditionally masculine.

Despite being labeled as “forced” feminization, as the role-played scenario may involve that the submissive partner supposedly is feminized against their will, it is a fantasy that is agreed upon by its participants.

Whereas not all participants are interested in BDSM aspects of the practice and only enjoy dressing up, it may also include things such as spanking, Pegging, bondage, and Humiliation such as making fun of the submissive for having a small and soft penis and referring to it as a clitoris.

The feminized partner is sometimes called a “sissy” and maybe said to have been “sissified”. [1]

What is the difference between feminization and sissification?

Feminization is when you behave as women do, sissification is when you appear as women do. Either has its upsides and downsides depending on which personality traits are beautiful or ugly, toxic or virtuous.

Feminization is far more difficult to achieve unless you are predisposed to such feminine traits, it is a bit of a silly term for certain human traits many from both sexes share even if it dominates in one or the other. [2]

What is the difference between feminization and cross-dressing?

Men who Crossdress or CD as you’ll see it sometimes represented, enjoy the feel of being dressed in women’s clothes. In most cases these men are heterosexual and are usually in relationships.

They may dress in their partner’s clothing or go and buy their own. They may keep their desires hidden or they may be in a relationship where their partner allows them to be who they want to be with no consequences. Some go as far as wearing make-up and wigs etc but honestly for the most part they don’t, it’s just the clothing they enjoy.

They usually have no desire to have any surgery such as breast augmentation or sexual re-assignment done. They’re perfectly happy keeping what’s between their legs.

To be Feminized is completely different.  A man who enjoys being feminized likes the idea of being transformed in a woman usually by another more dominant woman. 

They look at it as almost being a caterpillar in a cocoon just waiting to be the beautiful butterfly.  The idea of a dominant woman turning them into creation is the turn-on. 

They sometimes fantasize about being taken under a woman’s control and completely waxed head-to-toe, dressed in beautiful pieces of lingerie, having the woman do their make-up, hair, and nails, even down to the jewelry, and then unveiling them in the end.  It’s a literal transformation which is why you’ll see it referred to as ‘being feminized’ as opposed to being feminine. 

There are subtle psychological differences between a man wanting to be feminized and a man who cross-dresses.  And again these gentlemen rarely want to have any surgery to look more female. [3]

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Feminization in Cuckolding

The ‘sissy’ aspect to cuckolding is one of the less explored aspects by active Cuckold couples, but necessarily rare.

Some couples explore cuckolding together with or after maturing toward feminization. This act will bring more humiliations and emasculation.

When a Cuckold is feminized especially next to a Bull who is enjoying his wife or girlfriend will feel more emasculated.
If a cuckold has more bisexual traits then they may take things further and the Sissy Cuckold may have anal sex with another man.

The Hotwife may introduce this new act by pegging the cuckold and make him ready to get penetrated by another man or a dominant Bull that they both share.

So in these cases the cuckold husband can act like a girlfriend to Hotwife. They can sometimes have orgies with other men and take their fantasy out of the house to pick up men.

The length and deepness of this fantasies are always up to the cuckold couple.

Hotwife & Sissy Cuckold ready to have anal sex





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