14 Types of Cuckolds – What type of Cuckold are you?

You need to understand what types of Cuckolds are you before introducing them to your partner. This can clear your mind about where you are and how you can introduce the idea.

When an idea is vague in your mind, then it will be harder to get along with someone else. I gathered the common types of cuckolds as below that you may be one or several of these types.

Types of Cuckold

Fantasy in the bedroom

This is typically where most couples start off in their cuckold marriage. At first, it’s just a fantasy. The husband/boyfriend wants his wife to fuck another man REALLY bad.

However, at the same time, he is worried about a few things – namely his wife falling in love with someone else. And he doesn’t want to risk damaging the relationship because he really loves her.

On the other side, the idea really turns on his wife/girlfriend. Cuckolding just sounds kinky. Similar to his thoughts, she doesn’t want to strain the relationship by sleeping with someone else.

In this type of cuckold relationship, the cuckolding part is simply a fantasy.

She really doesn’t sleep with someone else. Maybe she goes on a date or something like that, but there isn’t a physical relationship with someone else.

In terms of the cuckold fun in the bedroom, it is typically roleplaying.

And there’s nothing wrong with this type of cuckold relationship too. Like I said before, you need to make it work for you. [2]

If the couple shares the fantasy together they can enjoy some Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding fantasies together.

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Cuckold sex life

The second type of cuckold marriage takes things a step further. In this marriage, the wife does sleep around with other men (and sometimes frequently).

The couple plays a lot of cuckold games and has a robust cuckold sex life. There are even things like cuckold date night!

The relationship is strong so there are no feelings of jealously or anything like that. But the important thing to note here is that their cuckold sex life is just that…their sex life.

They have a normal life outside of that. The couple goes on vacation once a year.

They have normal friends and go to dinner parties and movie dates and not many people (if at all) know about their lifestyle. They may even have kids and have a normal life there.

Their sex life is theirs and private and doesn’t cross into their personal lives at all. It is completely separate. [2]

Lifestyle Cuckold

The lifestyle cuckold is probably the thing that comes to mind when I see what people fantasize about on Twitter.

However, I truly don’t believe this lifestyle is for most people as it requires A LOT of work.

In this type of cuckold marriage, your sex life is your personal life. There is no difference between the two.

The husband dutifully serves his Hotwife in any capacity as a cuckold.

His wife has multiple Bulls…some of them may even be live in bulls.

The husband is likely locked away in chastity and hasn’t even fucked his wife’s pussy in years (or even decades).

The couple has a long list of bulls they cycle through and likely even go to fetish parties and swingers parties. [2]

Oblivious Cuckolds

Many cucks don’t know they are being cuckolded. Or they don’t want to know. [3]

If you are reading this you are still not comfortable with the idea of being cuckold but probably you are being cheated and you don’t know how to feel about it. Or maybe becoming a cuckold seems to be a solution for your feelings or to save your marriage or relationship you pretend to not see the evidence.

You need much more thinking and exploring before making any decision. Read more about Oblivious Cuckold.

If the husband/boyfriend consciously finds out about his wife/girlfriend cheating and is forced to accept becoming a cuckold this becomes the Reluctant / Forced cuckolding.

The Modern Cuckold

Enjoys seeing the things no man should ever see his wife do. He is usually present in all sexual acts and sometimes joins in.

He wants to help complete all of his wife’s fantasies (like big dick, interracial, threesome, group sex) and loves to see the sides of his wife only one-night stands and ex-boyfriends have.

This kind of cuckold couple is also called Vixen and Stag couple.

The Dominant Cuckold

Wants full control of his wife and her new lover.

He will order them to fuck, tell them what they can and cannot do, and will join in when he pleases.

He will usually use BDSM toys, blindfolds, and restraints.

The Pornographer

These cuckolds live to watch their woman fuck. It’s like their own personal live porn scene.

No matter what his woman does in cheating on him, this cuck is never satisfied unless he gets to see in person or via video or pictures. [3]

The Sperm Competitor

Nearly any cuckold who is erotically excited about being cuckolded is a sperm competitor. The knowledge that another man is competing for attention with his woman makes a cuckold’s testicles and glands produce much greater amounts of sperm and semen. Ejaculation is more intense, as is sexual excitement. [3]

Some cuckolds may get excited about the idea or actually do it by letting their hotwife have bareback sex with her bull so he will actually create the thrill of competing with another man in his wife’s womb.

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The Humiliation Lover

Any strong emotion can multiply sexual feelings exponentially, and this is especially true of Humiliation.

This cuckie feels inadequate. He likes to be reminded of his flaws and failings – that he has a small cock, is a physically poor specimen of manhood, that he cannot please his woman sexually, and that the alpha male his woman desires is all the things that he is not.

This type of cuckold is the most likely to have sex with his wife or girlfriend denied to him completely, even to the point of using a chastity device to lock up that little dicky.

The humiliation may also not be limited to those involved in the cuckolding scenario – public humiliation may also be used, in the form of telling friends or family members, or exposing him in other public situations. [3]


Some cuckolds long to be dominated, by their woman or by her and her bull. The wife does as she pleases and you watch or hear about it. This may involve chastity which is an entire fetish for itself. You may have sex with her after the bull or not at all depending on your relationship. You may also have Cleanup and other duties.

This type of cuckold often gets off on two things: acts of service, and/or feelings of being inadequate or of being less masculine than most guys. A submissive cuck may love providing financially for his woman (even in a Financial Domination sense), and sometimes for her bull, or for their evenings together – hotel rooms, meals, lingerie, and sex toys.

He might want to have her dominant in more than just the sexual realm (or it might just be sexual) – he might want to free her from household duties to try and please her, or to give her more time to fuck her lover. He might help to dress her or undress her for her bull. His service may also overlap with the next type of cuck: the bisexual cuck. [3]

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The Selfless Cuckold

This type of cuckold just wants his woman to be happy, whatever the cost (to him). This cuckold knows that he cannot please his woman, though he will continue to try his hardest to please her if she gives him the chance.

The cuckold may have a small penis or be impotent, or a premature ejaculator, or have other sexual or attractiveness problems. This type of cuckold is the most likely of all the types to not do cuckolding for the sexual thrill, but rather just for the compersion he feels for his wife’s happiness with her lover/s. [3]

The Bi-Cuck (Bi-Cuckold)

It’s not that he minds his wife having her lips around that huge engorged cock. But when this cuckold strokes his inferior penis, his fantasies are about being invited or even made to suck that cock himself.

Creampies (eating the bull’s cum out of his hotwife’s vagina) and other cum play are often part of this type of cuckold’s fantasy.

Some bi-cucks would even go so far as being fucked by their hotwife’s Bull. Some bicucks love the idea that they might be coerced or even physically forced to serve the bull. [3]

If you feel close to a bi-cuckold then check our list of The Best Dating Websites for Bi-Cuckold 2021

Feminized (Sissy Cuckold)

As her man, he has submitted so fully to the desires of his Hotwife and her Bull and has relished in licking cum, or even sucking cock, that the obvious next step is to take on the role of another woman in the arrangement.

Licking pussy, lapping up cum, sucking cock, not using his dick for fucking, and eventually, taking on more feminine roles, appearance and demeanor are areas for greater pleasure. It is not much of a leap from there to wear women’s clothing, makeup and offer up an asshole for an eager cock.

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Pussy Free Cuckold

This type of cuckold can have different variations also. Usually, the hotwife’s relationship with her bullfriend is too serious to let have cuckold husband have sex with her. Or the beta husband’s performance is too poor that his wife refuses to have sex with her. In either case, the cuckold enjoys this as a new humiliation in his life. However, this can get frustrating over time.

Hotwives or bulls usually recommend a plastic pussy or masturbator for the cuckold husband. This both degrades and humiliates the husband. Also, it gives a way of relief to the pussy free cuckold. For this case, we recommend the best masturbator available Spankadoo masturbator. You can use our link for a discount or read our product review information.

Another more cruel way of keeping husband pussy free is caging his cock in Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage). This continues the femdom relationship of husband and wife but without actually having sex.

What type of Cuckold are you? Have I missed any type? Write in the comments.


[2] My Femdom Rules https://myfemdomrules.com

[3] Aussie Sex Therapy – http://aussiesextherapy.com

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