How To Have Safe & Healthy Cuckold Relationship?

Because of the nature of a Cuckold relationship, there is a chance for there to be safety issues. Whether it is the spread of diseases or more immediate physical harm there is potential out there. Especially when you bring someone unknown into your relationship. To help make cuckold hookup a safe & healthy experience, we have brought you some of the best tips.

Safe Cuckold Relationships
Safe Cuckold Relationships

Healthy: Always Use Protection, Get Screenings

First and foremost is the fact that you should always be using protection. The most important and common protection is condoms. They prevent the transmission of STDs and pregnancy. Condoms are not 100% effective though so many cuckold couples and cuckold singles like to use condoms in combination with other protection methods such as birth control.

While it may feel a bit odd to ask someone if they have had an STD screening, it is a good practice to get into. Those in the cuckold hookup scene will not be offended by you asking. You should also be screened regularly to ensure that you do not have any STDs too. Most doctors can arrange this as can Planned Parenthood Clinics and other such agencies.

Safe: Meet In A Public Place First

Meeting in a public place is smart for any hookup, not just a cuckold hookup. This gives you time to ensure you are meeting the same person you talked to in the first place. It also allows you to get a feel for whether or not the hookup will work. Don’t go back to your place if you are not comfortable with the person.

Safe: Use Cuckold Sites With User Verification

Cuckold sites offer you the best place to turn when you want to have a safe and healthy hookup. A cuckold site allows you to find people who are interested in the same thing. It prevents confusion and miscommunication when you are out looking for a partner. You will also find that it generally simplifies the process.

Some cuckold sites use user verification in order to ensure that users are either cuckold singles or cuckold couples. This provides you with the highest level of safety and security for your hookup. Make sure that you have a verified account to give others the same assurance.

Two websites I recommend here are: Adult Friend Finder & Ashley Madison

Safe: Spend Time Talking With Potential Partners

Another important step to being safe is to talk with your potential partners. You want to know who you are hooking up with. Even if you are having a no-strings-attached hookup, you want to ensure that you at least are compatible with the person you are talking with. Talking also helps you to filter out creeps, flakes, and others.

Cuckold relationships are becoming more and more popular because people are hearing more about them. Now that you know what a cuckold hookup is, are you interested? If you are, you should look into a cuckold site and start exploring the lifestyle of cuckolding more.


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