The Best Cuckold Captions Quarantine Corona (2020)

Pandemic Special: This is a collection of Cuckold & Hotwife lifestyle captions during the time Corona forced us to be in Quarantine (lockdown) in the year 2020.

Cuckolding has its own difficulties but with this pandemic, it got even more difficult for Cuckold couples and Bulls.

Hotwife goes to another city to see her Bull
Hi Hubby, I heard the news that in this quarantine we cannot travel for a month from here. I wanted to let you know to not worry about me. I’m going to stay safe with my bull. I am sorry that I forgot you in your chastity cage. I hope you will be okay with it. Love

If your Hotwife goes to another city to see her Bull, these times can be a bit challenging.

hotwife deny cuckold in qurantine
While in quarantine your wife sends nudes daily to her Bulls. And you haven’t seen her naked in years. She drools over their dick pics and denies you her unprotected pussy. How does that make you feel cuck?

Just because there is a quarantine doesn’t mean that she cannot deny you.

This is a collection of Cuckold & Hotwife lifestyle captions during the time Corona forced us to be in Quarantine (lockdown) in the year 2020.
Keep six feet apart today. So you can cuck my husband tomorrow.

Social distancing and safety rules are very important for all couples and bulls.

Honey, You don’t need to worry about me and my cuckold husband during quarantine time. I put him in his chastity cage and we only have sex with my strapon until this epidemy is over.

For hotwives whose bull do not let them to have sex with their husband, chastity and strapon can be a great solution.

Neither had brought condoms. Her birth control ran out days ago. All your wife and her boss had left in quarantine was the sexual tension they couldn’t resist.

Be aware, during the lockdown in workplaces tensions can get high.

Quarantine with my bull. - Cuckold Captions Quarantine Corona
Quarantine with my bull.

Hotwives may have some difficulty finding quality sex. But not for the ones who stay with their bull.

Cuckold Captions Quarantine Corona
During this entire quarantine, I thought my girlfriend was with her parents. She texted me today and told me that she’s heavily considering breaking up. She’s been enjoying “alone time” at my bully’s house.

For some couples, this period can be a bit challenging. So I advise you to be careful.

Cuckold Captions Quarantine Corona
You got a text from home during the quarantine. “Sorry babe, I’ll be staying with your friend Jake for the next few weeks. Forgot to mention I have the key to your cage with me.”
Cuckold Captions Quarantine Corona
Don’t be a silly babe. what’d you think would happen to let me spend all of the quarantine with him.

Yes spending too much time with her bull may cause some accidents. Well, don’t expect to be the father at this point cucky.

I made the best decision by taking my lover to live with me and my husband during quarantine time.

Actually, this is the best way I recommend to you. It is safe and everyone will be happy.

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Cuckold Captions Quarantine Corona

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Cuckold Captions Quarantine Corona

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Cuckold Captions Quarantine Corona

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