Hotwife Defines Her Bi-Cuckold – Caption

Hotwife Defines Her Bi-Cuckold is a Caption about the confusion of a hotwife facing the bisexual side of her husband for the first time.

Hotwife Defining Her Bi-Cuckold - Caption
How do I define my husband? He sucked my lovers cock and watched him fuck me, then licked me clean. I still love hubby, want him, but not that way anymore.

Yes, this may be how your Hotwife Defines Her Bi-Cuckold. And of course, things might change with you and your Hotwife after you share her. Especially after she learns about your bisexual side and shows her how you can desire men too.

Even though you may not admit to yourself a hundred percent but you like sucking cocks and cleaning his cum too.
So she will still love you, maybe a bit different. However, she has another alpha male in her life. You better embrace that. And it is better for all of you to accept who you are.

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