Spank Sissy Husband in front of Boyfriend

Spank Sissy Husband in front of Boyfriend. Here is some Hotwife Training for ladies to enjoy a good relationship with a Sissy Cuckold.

Spank Sissy Husband in front of Boyfriend

Don’t be afraid to show your boyfriends just how you like to treat your husband, ladies!

I’ll put a smile on their face, a boner in their pants, and keep them from ever being jealous of that little bitch!

As a mistress, you should show that your sissy husband is more submissive than you are toward your bull. Female domination (Femdom) toward your sissy Boi can have an important role in stabilizing your relationship with your boyfriend.

What’s more, your boyfriend (Bullfriend) will not feel jealous of your beta husband. He might even get turned on by the action of spanking the sissy or putting his tiny pines in a Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage).

If you do something like spanking your husband, don’t just ask him. Be formidable and order him to come in front of you. He can bend over or get bend on your lap and you can spank him while wearing some panties or a mini skirt. Spank Sissy Husband in front of Boyfriend hard so he will scream or cry.

Your sissy husband will feel hamulated enough, but this is what he needs and even though he will enjoy too.

Also, he might even want to taste his sweet mouth of tight Boipussy / AssPussy himself or ask one of his hung friends to put this sissy in his place.

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