Santa’s Present for Naughty Hotwife at Christmas

Santa’s Present for Naughty Hotwife at Christmas is special for following Christmas. Experiencing Hotwife sex for the first time at Christmas.

Santa's Present for Naughty Hotwife at Christmas
Santa Brought a present for your wife. A sweat candy in her delicious pussy. Warming her up for Santa.

Your friend came to your house in Santa costume to surprise you and your wife. He knew that your wife is naughty so as a Christmas present he gave her a colorful dildo for her.

Your wife giggled and asked him about how to use it. She acts like she has no idea what it is.

So first, he started touching your wife as a joke in front of you. He is curious if you are going to give any reaction or not. Maybe he knows that you have cuckold fantasies. Or maybe she shared with him beforehand.

He started to undress your wife slowly. She is laughing and looking at your face. Your cock is very hard and you are trying to adjust your cock, pretending that you are having fun and everything is fine.

You don’t know why you are not making a reaction. Is it the effect of booze or are you enjoying this? Are they drunk? Does she really know where is this heading?

After undressing she is warming up her pussy and breasts by touching them softly. He says you should be ready for this dildo. It may be a bit big for you.

Then, she moans a little but acts a bit too eagerly for it and moves rapidly. So your friend decides to tie her up with the soft ropes he prepared before. How did he know that he is going this far?

Finally, started the vibrator of the dildo and put it in her warm and wet pussy. They both know you can’t satisfy her enough. So this is Santa’s Present for your Naughty Hotwife at Christmas.

Dildo or His Cock?

Are you going to take your cock out to masturbate? This will show them that it is ok and they can go further. Maybe he can use his own big cock instead of the dildo. The decision is yours.

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