Definition – What is Bullfriend or Wife’s Boyfriend?

In this article, we are going to discuss Definition – What is Bullfriend or a Wife’s, Boyfriend? Types of wife’s boyfriend as an affair, polymerous relationship including different kinds of cuckolding.

Bullfriend or Wife's Boyfriend
Bullfriend or Wife’s Boyfriend Cuckolding

Definition – What is Bullfriend or Wife’s Boyfriend?

The basic definition is the sideman that services sexually frustrated wives, that is also a pseudo-boyfriend in that the Bull and wife engage in a dating type relationship.

A wife who has a lover or boyfriend on a side can have many forms. This relationship can have different dynamics such as an affair, polymerous relationship including cuckolding, Bi-Cuckold, and Sissy Cuckold relationships as part of it.

We are going to explore each one separately.

Affair or Cheating Wife

Definition - What is Bullfriend or Wife's Boyfriend?
Cheating Wife

Having an affair as a relationship with a boyfriend or bull is risky and without the knowledge of the husband or sometimes the other boyfriend.

A wife may have an affair which can easily be the most common but there are no real statistics about it.

A cheating wife and the bull may enjoy this type of relationship more than the normal relationship solely because it is hidden and sometimes it can create more fire and affection in the relationship.

However, in the long run it is not recommended.

There are men who may guess or have some evidence that their wife is cheating. However, for some reason, they don’t face her and keep it quiet. These are Oblivious Cuckolds that we will discuss later.

Polymerous Relationship (Cuckolding)

Polymerous relationships can have so many different types. The main category that we focus on here is for women who have different lovers. We will specifically focus on women who are married once and tend to have another lover too.

If the husband knows about it or maybe encourages we can call it a Cuckold relationship as well. However, contrary to most types of cuckold relationships that may sound like an adventure, in a polymerous relationship, there is a constant bull. However, this bull or bullfriend, and the wife have a romantic relationship with him.

In the other cuckolding lifestyles, the wife may have an occasional partner with one-night stand or casual fuck buddies. On the contrary, with her boyfriend, they have dates or vacations.

Couples who get a third man in their relationship may prefer to have the bullfriend inside the house or live with him or the wife may prefer to have a separate relationship outside her marital house.

Nevertheless, in both cases, a wife has sexual relations with her boyfriend as well. However, in some cuckold relationships such as Vixen and Stag they choose the boundaries and rules together, and in some other husbands may be submissive and the dominant wife chooses what to do.

In this case, the wife may deny the husband from a sexual relationship or any kind of relationship or may even put him in chastity.

Bullfriend with Bi-Cuckold

In this type of relationship, the bullfriend not only has a sexual relationship with the wife but also has oral or anal sex with the husband too.

These sexual relationships can be simultaneous with wife and bull as well.

Bullfriend with Sissy Cuckold

Definition - What is Bullfriend or Wife's Boyfriend?
Sissy Cuckold & Hotwife ready for Bull

In the bi-cuckold relationship, a husband may have an occasional or permanent crossdresser (CD) or a sissy role. The sissy cuckold usually acts as the passive second woman in the relationship. Usually, a sissy is dominated by his wife or bullfriend as well. (feminization)

He may have oral and anal sex with his wife’s boyfriend too. Also, a sissy may have a Cleanup Duty which involves cleaning the hotwife’s Creampied pussy and ass.

Dominant Bull or wife may prohibit sissy’s masculine sex life using a Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage). So a sissy will only have sex with the bull. And other times wife can do peg the sissy.

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