4 Laws of Chastity and Denial

4 Laws of Chastity and Erotic Sexual Denial is a simple but effective chastity instruction for women who want to control their husband, boyfriend, or even single men in Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage).

4 Laws of Chastity and Denial
Chastity and Denial Laws
  1. A penis in chastity tends to remain in chastity unless acted upon by a keyholder.
  2. . Each period of chastity shall be longer than the previous period, ideally by twice the duration.
  3. The longer a man goes without an orgasm, the longer he is capable of continuing without orgasms.
  4. A man going sufficiently long enough without orgasm will release via spontaneous emission, obviating the need for more orgasms.

In a female-oriented relationship (Femdom), controlling the man with chastity can have a vital role.

In Sissy training and feminization, chastity training with 4 Laws of Chastity and Denial also can have an important role so the sissy will be less dependent on coming with pines.

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