Prostate Milking in Chastity

Prostate Milking in Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage) is an instruction for hotwives who want to control their husband properly and milk him when he is chastity. So there will be less need to take him out of chastity.

Prostate Milking in Chastity
Prostate Milking in Chastity
  1. Insert the butt plug to put pressure on the prostate.
  2. Place vibrator just behind the penis.
  3. Press and roll from the penis to the anus in a circular motion.
  4. He will start to feel his orgasm build just like you are Edging him.

In about 5-6 minutes his cum will start to ooze out. Keep massaging until cum stops oozing. All cum will be drained and he will still be extremely horny and sensitive. Even though he has been drained he will still feel he is on the edge of an orgasm, but it will never come.

This instruction is also useful if you want to train your hubby for Pegging. It is also a useful trick to cum from anal for Bi-Cuckolds to enjoy anal sex more.

In Sissy training and feminization, this method is also being used so the sissy will be less dependent on coming from sex with their penis.

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