Hotwife Hall Pass Captions

Hotwife Hall-Pass Captions include special training for Cuckolds who want to convince their wives or ease their transition to become a Hotwife.

Hotwife Hall Pass Captions
Talking about other guys with wife Caption

“So you like it when I tell you about other guys I would like to fuck? Do you want to know who?”

One of the best ways to melt the ice to introduce cuckolding is asking about the guys that hypothetically she is interested in to get the idea of her having a hall pass to that particular guy.

Allowed list hotwife caption

“Hmmm, your husband just told me something strange. Apparently, I’m on your “Allowed List”? Why would he tell me that?”

“Because we both really want you to fuck me! Are you game?”

If your wife is interested in your fantasy this could be a way in to make it a reality by just telling the guy. It is better to let her know beforehand.

Hotwife Hall Pass Captions
Cuckold told others hotwife has hall pass caption

“You told him I have a hall pass?”

One of the tricky ways to send other guys after your wife is not sure if she should be unfaithful or not. Just let the guy who your wife fantasies about know that she has a hall pass to fuck him.

Then, if she has any doubts she will have to decide on the spot. If the situation is right and she is in the right mood she may agree to sleep with him.

Hotwife Using Hall Pass On Vacation
Hotwife Using Hall Pass On Vacation

“Hon, is that hall pass you gave me still good? I found a couple of guys I want to use it with!”

If your wife is naughty enough and feels that you are serious about giving her a hall pass for her allowed list or any other guy she chooses then she might do it in the right time.

Hotwife Hall Pass Captions
Hubby wants wife to use her hall pass

“My husband wants me to use my hall pass.”

Your excuse can be a selfish one that you want to use yourself as well. But, your idea is actually for her to use hers.

Hotwife Hall Pass Captions
List of the guys wife wants to fuck

“I made a list of all the guys I’ve always wanted to fuck like you asked me to. Should I call them one by one and tell them about our fantasy?”

This totally depends on your communication and relationship dynamics but if you guys communicate the fantasy in the bed then if you are lucky she might suggest to get it further.

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