First Hotwife Experience with Hubby’s Friend Story

First Hotwife Experience with Hubby’s Friend Story is a hot story for cuck wanna be men who are not sure yet but want to imagine their wife with another man.

Your beautiful wife is naked in your bed. You can feel the heat of her pussy as it rests so close to your cock. Her nipples are hard as they press into your chest. Normally you’d reach between your legs and slip inside her, satisfying her need. Tonight is different. Another man has aroused her tonight.

Playful Seduction

He’s your college buddy and he’s staying in the guest bedroom. You shared a few bottles of wine over dinner and somehow your wife ended up in his lap. Next, you watched him caress her lithe body through the skimpy dress she was wearing. You watched as they shared a few sensual kisses. You were just drunk enough to let the foreplay happen before you stopped it.

Now you’re in bed and you know she’s thinking about him. You know her pussy is wet because of him. And, you know her nipples are hard because of him. You know your cock is hard because of what you saw. You want to deny it, but you can’t. You’re still a little drunk. That’s why you say it.

“Go to him.”

She lifts her head off your chest and looks at you. She studies your face for the truth of what you just said.

“Go to him,” you say again.

“Are you sure?” she asks. You know at that moment that she wants it. She didn’t say no. But, she didn’t try and deny her desire. She just asked if you were sure.

“Yes,” you say.

She slips out of the bed and you admire her slender frame and sexy bottom as she walks out of the room. You hear her knock softly on the guest bedroom door before she opens it. You hear the surprise in your friend’s voice as your naked wife walks into the guest bedroom, but the words are lost.

Your cock throbs as you sit and strain to hear what’s happening one room over. She hasn’t come back yet so you know your friend didn’t send her away. You know he took your wife into his arms. And, you know he’s probably kissing her right now.

Watching and Cuckolding

You slip out of bed and move across the room as quietly as possible. Then, you stop at the half-open bedroom door and listen. Your wife’s moan drifts across the hall and reaches your ears. You feel a sense of desire so powerful it staggers you. So much that, you haven’t touched your cock but it’s erect nonetheless.

Then, you step quietly into the hallway as another moan reaches your ears. Then, you move closer to the guest bedroom door and hear your wife and your friend kissing. Now the sound is clearer. You can hear them both moaning between kisses. They’re lost in the joy of foreplay with someone new.

It’s dark in the hallway and you feel confident enough to peak into the guest bedroom. Your friend is naked and your wife’s soft, delicate fingers are wrapped around his cock. She’s stroking him slowly as they kiss. You watch his fingers move between her legs and gently slip inside her. Your wife moans into his mouth.

You’re not sure why this turns you on so much, but you can’t help it. You can’t look away. And, you want her to straddle him and sit on his cock. You want to see another man fuck your wife.

Your wife breaks the kiss and strokes your friend’s cock as she holds his gaze. The romantic connection between them is profoundly arousing. The sight of the beautiful woman you married eagerly stroking someone else’s cock drives you crazy with lust.

She kisses down his chest and stomach. She’s going to take him into her mouth. She’s going to offer your friend a blowjob. She was just in your bed. She was just on top of you. Her pussy was inches from your cock. You sent her to him. You let her have what she wanted and now she’s going to take it.

Her lips wrap around his cock and she takes the head into her mouth. Your friend moans and you understand why. You’ve experienced her mouth many times. It’s like Heaven. She possesses the incredible oral talent and now he’s getting to experience it.

Wife giving blow job to hubby's friend
Wife giving blow job to hubby’s friend

She’s making love to him with her mouth. The sight of her head bobbing up and down between his legs makes your cock ache. You want to masturbate but you know it would be too loud. You know they’d hear you. All you can do is watch as your wife sucks someone else’s cock.

His cock slips from her mouth and your wife wrap her fingers around him and stroke it. She straddles him and guides his cock between her pussy lips. There’s no condom.

His hands move over her ass, hips, and back as she slowly sinks onto his cock. They moan together as he fills her. You watch from the doorway as another man’s bare cock fills your wife. She arches her back and gently tilts her head towards the ceiling. She rides him.

You’ve never seen anything more beautiful. Your wife is slowly riding another man’s cock and you’re watching from just a few feet away. You feel intensely jealous and wildly aroused as you witness this pleasure that you invited her to enjoy.

Wife Riding Friend's Cock
Wife Riding Friend’s Cock

His hands move over her body just like yours do when you make love to her. He plays with her perky breasts. Then, he squeezes her ass. He pulls her lips to his for long, slow kisses while his cock pumps in and out of her pussy. He moans when it feels particularly good.

She’s getting close. You can see it and hear it. And, you know how she moans when she’s about to cum. It’s going to happen. Another man is going to make your wife cum while you watch.

There it is. She stops riding him and throws her head back. Then, she moans louder. She can’t help it. She’s cumming. She’s experiencing pure bliss and it’s someone else’s cock that’s responsible. You’ve never been so aroused.

Eyes Contact

She leans forward and kisses him. Their tongues mingle as his hands move over her body again. She knows he hasn’t cum yet and you know she’s not going to leave until he gets to experience the same orgasmic bliss.

She whispers something in his ear and then moves to her hands and knees. She’s facing the door, but it’s too dark in the hallway for her to see you. You’re looking right at her and she has no idea you’re there.

First Hotwife Experience with Hubby's Friend Story
Cuckold Husband Looking From Out of Room

Her eyes close and she bites her lower lip as he slides into your wife from behind. After that, he leans forward and kisses her back while thrusting inside her. His hands find her breasts and he squeezes them gently as she moans for him.

Meanwhile, you’re so turned on that you feel like it’s possible to cum without touching your cock. You study your wife’s face as he fucks her. And, you see every pleasure she’s experiencing. You witness the pleasure she’s giving him. You’re the only one that’s not in the throes of sexual delight at the moment.

He thrusts harder and faster into her. He plays with her breasts as her mouth opens and a steady stream of low, lusty moans escapes. He’s getting closer. You’re sure of it.

And, you expect him to pull out, but he doesn’t. He buries his cock in your wife’s pussy and releases his load. You can see the look on his face. That’s how a man looks when he’s cumming, and he’s cumming in your wife.

You find the look of complete satisfaction on her face impossibly arousing. She likes it. And, she likes that he’s cumming inside her. Also, she likes that your friend just filled her with his seed.

You like it too. You don’t want to, but you can’t help it.

He pulls out and they collapse into the bed together. She pulls the comforter over their bodies and snuggles against him. It seems like she’s planning on spending the night in his bed.

You tiptoe back to the bedroom and climb under the sheets. Your heart is pounding and your cock is stiff. You wrap your fingers around it and close your eyes. Then, you stroke slowly, using your precum as lube. You picture your wife’s face when he climaxed inside her. It doesn’t take long for you to orgasm.

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