What are Vixen and Stag Relationships?

What are Vixen and Stag Relationships? What’s the difference with Cuckolding? Cheating in Vixen and Stag Relationship

What are Vixen and Stag Relationships?
Vixen Stag Relationship

What are Vixen and Stag?

We know that cuckolding is a popular fetish. In the past, we’ve told you all about the predilection for being humiliated by watching your partner having sex with someone else. Cuckolding is even the second most popular porn search term on the internet (after ‘youth’).

But now there’s another sex craze, referred to as ‘stags and vixens’, which also involves watching your partner have sex with another person. Generally speaking, that’s a female partner having sex with other men.

What’s the difference with Cuckolding?

In cuckolding, the person watching (voyeur) is being humiliated. Often it’ll be a younger, more conventionally attractive, or better-endowed man who is having sex with the partner.

Sometimes Erotic Verbal Humiliation will be a part of the scene, with the partner expressing how much better her lover (often known as a Bull) is than her cuck, how much bigger his penis is, and how inadequate he is by comparison.

In cuckolding, the cuck doesn’t want to join in. The cuck might be involved in foreplay, or ‘forced’ to give the other man a blow job, but he’s not invited in. That would ruin the fantasy for most cucks.

In the case of stags and vixens, there isn’t the same element of Humiliation. The man (stag) who would in cuckolding be the cuck instead enjoys watching his other half (vixen) getting sexual gratification from other men.

She (the genders can be reversed but that’s less common) enjoys performing and being watched. Also, stags and vixens don’t preclude the man from being involved.

As well as watching he might eventually join in with his partner and another man rather than enjoying being excluded. Couples who practice stag and vixen fantasies are not, however, automatically polyamorous or open.

Cheating in Vixen and Stag Relationship

Stags and vixens often only have sex this way in pre-arranged situations, having negotiated their boundaries and when they are both present. Lots of stags and vixens would still consider it cheating if their partner had sexual contact with someone else without discussing it first.

If you’re looking at exploring non-monogamy, it’s important to get on the same page, communicate with your partner, and set clear boundaries.

Also, please remember that however much you plan to have sex with someone else, you’re never obliged to and shouldn’t ever feel pushed to do so. You’re allowed to change your mind at the last minute, the last second, or during.


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