Wife’s Bull wants to fuck Sissy Maid – Story

Wife’s Bull wants to fuck Sissy Maid story caption of feminized Cuckold husband who is demasculated by Wife’s Boyfriend.

Cuckolding to Feminization

We always had this kink of sharing my wife. In our relationship, she was more interested than me. She wanted an alpha man and not a beta and passive male-like.

Eventually, she had her wish. I was more than happy to share her and masturbate as I listen to her moans or watch as her bulls fuck her.

But then she got an alpha boyfriend who ditched others. He didn’t want any competition, not even me. So first he told my wife and he personally locked me up in Chastity Cage. My wife was more than happy to go with it.

Then, they both started to feminize me. I can’t say that it was a force feminization because I was kind of enjoying it too. Even though not being able to come as I want or was not allowed to fuck my wife in any way sucked but being dominated by a strong man was somehow turned me on. I became an official Sissy Cuckold.

He was basically dominating and leading our relationship. They were dating regularly and little by little I became the house-made who only get sexual satisfaction when my wife use dildos and plug to make me cum in my chastity.

Real Sissy – Wife’s Bull wants to fuck Sissy Maid

Since I started to wear short skirts around the house my wife’s boyfriend was more relaxed about not having a competition in the house.

However, he started looking at me differently. I was constantly shaving my legs and he was checking me out.

Finally, one day that he was waiting for my wife to shower and dress up for their date he couldn’t take any longer and grabbed my ass as I was cleaning around.

Wife's Bull wants to fuck Sissy Maid - Story
Wife’s Bull wants to fuck Sissy Maid

“Hey, slut! Is this pretty little ass of yours as tight as your wife’s? While I’m waiting for her to get ready for our date… Maybe you should suck my cock a little like a good little slutty maid and we can find out!”

He was breathing heavily, breathing in my feminine perfume and groping my ass harshly, and sometimes spanking my ass cheeks. I was surprised then involuntarily I was moaning as he was doing it.

Then, he licked his fingers and started fingering my ass hole. I got used to coming from my ass so I was enjoying it too.

I can’t lie that I was tired from plastic penises and I was imagining his penis too.

He was rough with me and pushed me down and took out his penis and forced me to suck it. I cleaned his penis before after fucking my wife for cleanup duty but this time I was making him hard to fuck my ass.

I was kind of terrified and turned on at the same time in my tiny chastity. It was the first time I was sucking a dick to get fucked. I knew it would happen someday but I was shocked. He was always unpredictable.

He became hard and went behind me. Took down my girly panties and with a little spit from his hand he made my ass ready to get fucked.

I was ready in a doggy position to receive his dick and then he started to penetrate me. My final degree of masculinity was erasing. He made my wife his own and now he was taking my masculinity from my body. There is no further to get humiliated.

Wife's Bull wants to fuck Sissy Maid - Story
Wife’s boyfriend humiliate and fuck sissy husband

I was moaning and didn’t realize that his big cock actually went deep inside me easily. Maybe, that’s why he put me in chastity and asked my wife to train me with dildo and plug. I had a little pain but pleasure was much more.

He changed the position and opened my legs and started fucking me bareback like a woman. I actually started to feel like a girl too. I was moaning like a girl too.

Eventually, with a deep push, he started to cum in my ass. Then, with his last thrust, I got triggered and started coming inside the chastity.

His Sissy

He got up quick but I was still covering up and I couldn’t calm down easily. He cleaned himself and started getting ready. I was surprised. Then, suddenly realized my wife was standing there and watching us with a smirk on her face.

Well, actually I should correct myself. She isn’t and wasn’t my wife after that. We were both his wife. We were both happy to have a strong alpha man in our lives.

Adam MC Amen

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