Amateur Italian Hotwife Vacation Story with Captions

Amateur Italian Hotwife Vacation Story with Captions including some nude photos and videos from one of our followers of Cuckold Club.

My wife has a boyfriend and multiple bulls to satisfy her sexually. Her main Bull is her boyfriend also who loves teasing her.

So last summer we decided to go on holiday but this time with her boyfriend.

Amateur Italian Hotwife Vacation Story with Captions
Amateur Italian Wife going to vacation

You can see that she was really happy and excited. She put me in my Chastity Cage so she won’t have to give any attention to my cock (or dicklet as she says.

Amateur Italian Hotwife Vacation Story with Captions
Hotwife with Boyfriend and Husband on Vacation

She was much more relaxed than before. She was usually got fucked in her boyfriend’s room and then came back to my room to sleep.
But this bull was different than others. He was behaving like she is her whore. He was wild and loved to hang with his friends and other women on vacation too.

That is why my wife loves him. And the more he was denying her, the more she wanted to do anything for this man.

One night we had sex but she wasn’t satisfied. She is always horny after having sex with me. So she started begging him to come over and fuck her.

Amateur Italian Hotwife Vacation Story with Captions

But this guy is not like other guys to show up for any booty call. He was sure of himself and he loves to make my wife go crazy.

She loves to humiliate me in front of him. And she loves to chase him.

Amateur Italian Hotwife Vacation Story with Captions

And he loved to abuse her. Later we found out that she shared many of her photos with his friends and even my friends. But in front of me, he was acting like he is respecting me. It is all confusing for me.

Amateur Italian Hotwife Vacation Story with Captions

We were on the vacation and having a good time until my boss asked me to come back. They mentioned that they may need me but I wasn’t expecting so soon.

After I left everything changed. They had the craziest party I ever heard. But the worst part for me was I was still in chastity because I couldn’t find my wife when I was leaving.

The night that I left I started receiving these photos. They were always sending me photos and videos of their sex when I was not there but this time I was in chastity and I was not able to masturbate to it.

Some of their previous videos:

So they continued to send me more photos even though they all knew I was in chastity.

It was the middle of the night and I was not able to sleep. They were fucking my wife over and over while I was in chastity and not able to do anything about it. I was thinking how am I going to wake up and go to work the next day.

After receiving this message I was feeling so helpless. I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t sure if she really wants help or she is enjoying it. But my dick was killing me in chastity.

I was always enjoying that he was acting like she is her whore and now a part of me wanted them to do worse things to her.

After this photo, I couldn’t breathe. I was shocked and couldn’t believe that they actually made porn videos of my wife and shared them online. I was horny so much and I wasn’t sure to be angry, worried, or enjoy it.

This is one of the ultimate Cuckold fantasies but now that it is actually happening I didn’t know how to react.

So I started to search for hours to find videos of her. I finally found some on his public accounts and in my friend’s accounts.

Then, I couldn’t take it anymore. My wife sometimes plugs me during sex or when I wear chastity, so I got the plug and started using it on my ass so can cum to her photos and videos.

I was surprised that I came inside chastity using a plug like a sissy. That night mercifully I fell asleep until my wife sends the last photo to burn me again.

My wife had a bukake and was covered in cum like a slut and I was not there to see it. As you may guess, I got my plug again.

As you probably guessed, that was not their only vacation together. And she started to get me out less from my chastity now that she learned I can cum in it.

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