Cheating Girl Story: BBC on My Boyfriend’s Bed

Cheating Girl Story: BBC on My Boyfriend’s Bed is part one of a juicy story of a teenage Hotwife and her Cuckold boyfriend.

Cheating Girl Story: BBC on My Boyfriend’s Bed
Cheating Girl Story: BBC on My Boyfriend’s Bed

The hottest place I’ve ever had sex was in my boyfriend’s bedroom.

Boring right? WRONG. Why? Because he wasn’t the one I was having sex with of course!

We don’t live together, we’re both 19 and poor so we still live at home. He has friends over all the time to use his pool and play video games on his massive TV that’s way too big for his room, but whatever.

I had been out with TJ. We normally go to his place, but that wasn’t available for us. My boyfriend Mark texted me and asked if I was okay since I hadn’t let him know I got there safe. Part of our agreement is I check-in before and after. I told him we were locked out of TJ’s place, waiting for a call back from one of his friends to see if we could go there instead.

Mark wrote back suggesting we go to his place since no one was there. Just the thought of getting fucked on his bed for the first time by someone other than him sent tingles through my body. TJ would fuck me out in the woods if I let him so I knew he wouldn’t care, so I texted back, “C U in a few” with a heart emoji.

We arrived and I introduced them, which that itself was hot for me. TJ is 6′2′’ with a deep husky voice, my boyfriend is 5′9′’ and, well let’s just say he’s got a nice voice. The dynamic of walking in holding hands with TJ was pretty intense.

In case you don’t already know, I’m 5′1 almost 100 lb blonde/blue 32b. Yes, I’m tiny and I love BBC, deal with it! I was wearing something like this that day to help give you a visual:

Teen White Girl Cheating Story
Teen White Girl Cheating Story

So I led TJ upstairs to Mark’s room with Mark following behind us. Mark opened his mini-fridge and asked if we wanted water. He handed us both a bottle and with no chair, in the room I could tell he felt really awkward standing there.

This wasn’t like the other times where I planned for him to watch and had a nice setup, or had the guy prepared for his presence. So he just awkwardly said, “Okay just let me know if you need anything” and left, but kept the door open. I knew he’d be peeking in or jerking off listening, sneaky little bastard lol

So TJ pushes me onto Mark’s bed and starts to kiss and grope me. He makes some mentions of how whipped I got my boy and suggests we should call him in to watch how a real man fucks. I fucking love how confident and dominant TJ is.

After some kissing, he pulled me back so my head leaning back over the bed with my mouth open so he could fuck my mouth. This is a TJ special, he does it almost every time we have sex and yes I LOVE it.

Fucking Mouth of White Girl by BBC
Fucking Mouth of White Girl by BBC

It was so quiet in the house. All you could hear were the sounds of black cock thrusting into my drool filled mouth and my moans mixed with light gagging.

That’s when I heard a car door and some guys being loud from outside Mark’s window. Turns out his some of his friends decided to stop by unannounced.

Mark immediately came in to tell us. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he couldn’t form his words quite right as he watched TJ fucking my mouth. As if he wasn’t there. It was how the look in his eyes changed from being worried about his friends finding out, wide and a bit wild, to being turned on by what he saw, lust-filled and wanting.

He told us to stay there while he tried to get rid of them and shut the door. TJ didn’t stop though. He continued by resting his cock in my mouth while leaning down to pull my jean shorts and thong off to start licking me with his long, magical tongue. Mmmmmm I moaned out for him, maybe louder than I should’ve.

The voices were now inside the house… so close.

I had so many thoughts racing through my head as TJ began pumping into my mouth again. Do I stop him and keep quiet to save face for Mark with his friends? Do I let TJ continue, KNOWING we’ll get too loud? Could I even stop him if I wanted to? All I knew for sure was that I DID NOT want to stop.

But what DID happen next, I couldn’t have planned for… But it led to what I’d consider the naughtiest sex I’ve ever had and it’s not even close!

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