Keep in Chastity Even After Valentine’s Day

Keep in Chastity Even After Valentine’s Day caption is for naughty wives and girlfriends who want to keep their man in chastity after a romantic valentine’s day.

Keep in Chastity Even After Valentine's Day
Keep in Chastity Even After Valentine’s Day

Believe if your wife or girlfriend is into these kinds of kinks, she will surely love to torture you in your Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage).

Since the day we met, I knew my girlfriend was into Pegging and Femdom but I was surprised of her reaction the day I’ve got the chastity. She was really eager to put me in it and fuck my ass with her strapon.

We experienced my chastity the day before valentine’s day. We were on holiday together and she was counting the days to put me in chastity. So my advice is just to try it.

Adam MC Amen

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