Hotwife Captions – How to Bull

Hotwife Captions – How to Bull is a compilation of naughty captions which has some good ideas for alpha males or bulls about how to take and dominate a Cuckold couple.

Alpha Taking Beta’s Wife

This post is not an instruction but it can inspire about taking a wife from a beta (or Oblivious Cuckold). A wife who is adventurous or not satisfied sexually enough may give positive reactions to these.

Wife checking another man's cock with a handjob
Wife checking another man’s cock with a handjob

This is a very good idea to take her out of a party or public place to somewhere quiet to check your cock. If she likes what she sees then she may give it a go.

Hotwife Captions - How to Bull
Bull is not concerned with beta’s reaction

A confident alpha or a bull will take will kiss the wife if he wants in public as the beta husband watches. It is better to do this somewhere not many people know them.

Alpha Male takes home Beta Husband's wife home
Alpha Male takes home Beta Husband’s wife home

As a Cuckold, if you can’t handle your drunk wife at a party other alpha males may hit on her and take her for a ride. At least they don’t let her embarrass herself. Plus she will get fucked very well with someone who knows how to handle her. What a good guy.

Alpha taking Beta's wife to his room from the pool
Alpha taking Beta’s wife to his room from the pool

If a wife flirts with a young muscular man in the pool in front of her husband and everyone, it is only ok for him to take her to his room and fuck her holes as hard as he can. Don’t you agree?

Having Sex with Wife as a Bull

A bull is not someone who takes a Beta Male or a cuckold’s wife. But he adds extra pleasure to their life and makes the wife happy in her relationship. So it doesn’t always have a negative meaning as some people may think.

Hotwife Captions - How to Bull
Bull is not taking your wife
Bull is taking your wife's panties off
Bull is taking your wife’s panties off

As a bull, you can instruct the wife to ask her cuckold to give permission for every little sexy thing that you want to do to her. You can ask them about taking her clothes off, kissing her, touching her tits or grabbing her ass, or entering her pussy or ass.

A Regular Bull

Hotwife Captions - How to Bull
Bull is going to fuck wife regularly
Hotwife Captions - How to Bull
A souvenir from hotwife

A confident bull may keep some stuff from Hotwife as a souvenir. When the cuckold learns she is missing panties or a bra it will be very humiliating for him.

Give Her Wife an Anklet
Give Her Wife an Anklet

This is not a gift but it is something to send a message to her husband and everyone else that she is available to get fucked by other men.

Hotwife Captions - How to Bull
Regular Bull fucking hotwife

If you are a man who wants to become a regular with someone’s wife then expressing your interest and asserting your dominance can be useful to have regular sex with her.

Make Her Do something for you that doesn't do for her husband
Make Her Do something for you that doesn’t do for her husband

This is a good idea for bulls and hotwives to do something together that is not allowed for her husband. A cuckold needs to know his place and the right amount of Humiliation during a cuckold relationship.

Hotwife Captions - How to Bull
Go and Fuck Her Like She is yours

A matured bull who understands his couple well can dominate the wife enough to act like she is her bitch. After some time he can even dominate the husband to order him to do things such as Cleanup of his cum from her pussy.

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