Amateur Greek Ex GF Humiliating Caption Story

Amateur Greek Ex GF Humiliating Captions is a request of one of our followers. Here is the caption story with sexy photos of his ex-girlfriend.

They are both from Greece and I already shared stories from his current wife who sleeps with other men. He is a beta Cuckold who travels a lot so his wife constantly cheats on him. But apparently, because of his work situation, his ex-girlfriend used to cuckold him too. So they both asked me to write their crazy relationship.

Strapon Pegging

In our relationship she was dominant and highly demanding. She made it clear since the day one that size matter for her and mine is not enough at all. She was in to humiliate me verbally and for some reason I started to like it. As she was seeing that I enjoy it she was getting things further daily.

You may think that we had a great balance and a mistress and slave relationship but it just seemed like that in the beginning. One day she told me that she wants to go to a sex shop to buy some stuff spice things up in our relationship so she may complain less about me. I was kind of happy.

However, when we arrived there she asked for a strapon to fuck my tight ass. She said loudly in the shop that I’m useless in bed so someone better do the fucking right. Obviously, the shopkeeper was a bit shocked.

Girlfriend needs stapon to spice things up

I was both aroused and really really embarrassed there. But when we arrived home my feelings changed and that embarrassment changed into fear of getting fucked in the ass for the first time.

The first time was really painful even though she used lots of lube. However, at the same time, she was enjoying my pain. In time this became a routine part of our sex life and most times even replacing our sex. That is why we started to buy different kinds of plugs, dildos, and strapons. And of course, I started to get used to cum with Pegging. She preferred to have an orgasm with dildos by herself mostly.

Amateur Greek Ex GF Humiliation: Cum Feeding

One day when I came home I saw that a close friend of mine was fixing the belt of his pants coming out from our bedroom. I was shocked and asked him what was he doing here.

He smiled and said don’t worry. Just preparing a little surprise for you. Then, he tapped on my shoulder and exited from the house. I went to our bedroom and saw that my ex-girlfriend was pulling up her pants.

“What’s going on here?” I asked

We talked about Swinging and cuckolding fantasies. And I know what happened there. But we never decided on anything yet. I was not sure of any action and I wanted to be a secret with some strangers.

But my girlfriend said that she wanted to make it a surprise for me. I know that she was lying. She had a crush on my friend and she was using these fantasies as an excuse.

Amateur Greek Ex GF Humiliating Caption Story
Hotwife asked friend to cum in her for cucky

I was upset and she got angry. She said I tried to make you a surprise and now you are ruining it with your stupid jealousy and overthinking. Just come over here and lick my pussy lick a good boy.

I knew that she was lying. But I had no other choice. I loved her and I knew that this isn’t going anywhere. Plus I was very turned on by the fact that she just cuckolded me. So I went to her and she take off her pants I licked her cheating pussy clean.

She made sure that my friend thinks that I really crave cum. Later I heard that he told others that I liked licking cum from my girlfriend’s pussy so they were constantly asking her to fuck and cum in her.

This went on and on and many men that I knew or didn’t know started fucking her day by day. They were coming in her pussy or ass and I had to lick her clean. Also, the amount of sex between us started to get the lowest in this period. The only thing that I was getting was pegging and more and more Humiliation.

She was determined to humiliate me further each time. As she was saying, she wanted to see when I am going to break.

Watch with Chastity and Butt plug on
Watch with Chastity and Butt plug on

She started to get harsh with me and embarrass me in every situation even in a regular cuckold session. Like cuckolding itself in not humiliating enough. So one time we were waiting for her guest to come home to fuck her in our room while I stay in the guest room. And she got me a Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage) to wear for the occasion. She told me:

“I want you to watch me get fucked again. But this time you should wear your chastity cage and butt plug. I don’t want you to masturbate in front of our guest. It’s embarrassing.”

Amateur Greek Ex GF Humiliation: Public Humiliation

Eventually, she started to make fun of me to her girlfriends. She told them that she makes me wear chastity at home and even sometimes outside. Also, she made me wear a plug when she asked me to do something simple at home like changing a light bulb or something. She loved edging me for days without a release.

So one day she decided to take things further and make her friends to laugh in my face instead of behind my back. She told them about our pegging with strapon so some of them were eager to try it on me.

Threesome Surprise for beta hubby
Threesome Surprise for beta hubby
Amateur Greek Ex GF Humiliating Caption Story
Pegging Threesome on beta boyfriend

Her friend (Amy): “Your GF planned a hot threesome for tonight. We are going to peg your ass very hard. But I want to see your cock in chastity right now.”

My Girlfriend: “Come on loser show your chastity cage, nobody here knows you or have any respect for you so get you pipi out”

I had no choice. So, I showed them as some other people who were passing at the beach looked at my chastised penis with surprise. I was so turned on by idea of both of them pegging me and I really wanted to see her friend naked so shut my mouth and didn’t wanted to ruin their plan and fun.

However, towards the night I learned that Amy’s boyfriend (Tom) is going to join us too. I got upset and all the probability of maybe fucking Amy was ruined. Because I knew that her boyfriend was not into swinging. And then my GF told me her plan to humiliate me even further that night.

No Threesome – More Pegging and Cuckolding

She knew that I wanted Amy so she just let her fuck me with a strap-on in the ass while Amy’s boyfriend fuck my GF. Ok, I was not able to fuck Amy and I was jealous Tom was fucking my GF. But the worst part was in all of this group sex I was the only one wearing chastity and not able to cum unless I cum with anal sex.

Cum Cleanup from two men
Cum Cleanup from two men

Change of plans. There will be cum from two men in my pussy tonight. Amy’s boyfriend and his friend. You are going to clean up both from my pussy.

Yes, apparently fucking Tom decided to invite his hung friend to friend to humiliate me even further. He just told his friend: Hey come on over, there is free pussy to fuck.

They both fucked my GF over and over and came in every hole as I got fucked in the ass by Amy. I admit that I came one time painfully inside the chastity. I licked their cum from my girlfriend’s pussy and ass. At the end of the night, my girlfriend asked Tom to cum directly into my mouth and there is no need to make the process longer. She said I am a cum-hungry bitch and no need to make me wait any longer. He did that with a smile as others were laughing at me.

I sat there and waited as she pulled his cock from my girlfriend’s pussy and came into my mouth and towards the end put his cock in my mouth so I clean it up and suck final drops of cum from his massive cock. There was no way that this could be any more humiliating. He knew that I was interested in his girlfriend. So he made sure that I stay where I am and no my place.

Amateur Greek Ex GF Humiliation: Regular Bull

Towards the end of our relationship, my girlfriend started having a regular bull. She said that is safer and much better for her knowing she has a regular bull. I didn’t mind except sometimes they were really making out and most of the time they wanted me out of their room. They wanted me to stay in the guest room and listen to them while wearing a chastity and butt plug. And I was able to enter the room only to clean their pussy and cock. Basically, they turned me into their service boy.

I never forget the day she broke up with me. Together with her bull, we went to a beach to swim and relax. He was hanging out most of the time lately.

Amateur Greek Ex GF Humiliating Caption Story
Bull fucked Hotwife’s tits

Oh dear, look at the bulge in his pants honey. It seems he has a hardon again even though he fucked my tits.

Amateur Greek Ex GF Humiliating Caption Story
Cuckold Sucking Bull’s cock in public

I’m on my period and my bull is really horny. So I want you to suck him off here. You already cleaned his cock so why not suck it.

Amateur Greek Ex GF Humiliating Caption Story
Cuckold boyfriend sucked the cock of the new boyfriend

“No, I’m not coming to the room with you. You just sucked my new boyfriend’s cock in front of me, so I will stay with him. I will take my stuff later. Bye.”

“What do you mean your new boyfriend?”

“You heard me right, he is not my bull anymore. You have no value to me and we are done. Just go home and no need to embarrass yourself any further.”

I didn’t say anything else. To be honest, I couldn’t say anything because I was shocked. She planned to humiliate me even at the last moment that we broke up. I was feeling terrible but I had a killing hardon. So I went to my room and masturbated all night.

Never-ending Relationship

After our break up I met my wife and married to her. She started cuckolding and pegging me too. I guess that is in my blood and I deserve it. Even with all of that humiliation that I experienced I was still looking for a new mistress to serve and I found a great one.

I was married now but every now and then my ex contacted me and humiliated me verbally. I was kind of used to it.

My wife is protective and gets furious if I have any interest in other women. So the day my ex contacted me that she wants to see me I didn’t tell my wife.

We met in a park and had a short conversation. She knew I was married and she wasn’t surprised by the dynamic of our relationship. She said: you are a bitch and you need a mistress.

Then, she asked me something I wasn’t expecting at all.

Amateur Greek Ex GF Humiliating Caption Story
One last pussy cleanup

“Before you go back to your wife, I want you to lick my creampied pussy for one last time here in the park.”

I was shocked and nervous. Because we were in a public park and I never clean up pussy public. I wasn’t sure if that counts as cheating for me or not. And she knew how was my wife with me.

Eventually, I decided to do it. We went behind a bush and I went under her dress. She was freshly fucked by a black guy. I sucked the sticky cum there and towards the end, she started peeing on me. I accidentally swallowed some and then I tried to get away. But it was too late and my T-shirt and pants got wet from her pee.

Then, she wore her panties and told me with smirk: Good luck explaining to your wife, why you smell like pee.

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