Wife Meeting Bull’s Friends for the First Time

Wife Meeting Bull‘s Friends for the First Time is a caption of a bull sharing Hotwife with his friends at a party. And the beta husband has no choice to accept it.

You have a very sexy young wife who is not easily satisfied in bed, at least not by you. She is way out of your league and you still wonder how you got married to her in the first place. After she complains for a while, you accept that she tries to fuck other guys to cool down.

But that turns to have a regular fuckbuddy as she says. However, you know that he is her bull now and you are the Cuckold. You are just happy that she is happy. And the bull slowly understands this. So he tries to get the advantage of this situation. How far would you let them go?

Wife Meeting Bull's Friends for the First Time
Wife Meeting Bull’s Friends for the First Time

How about her bull start sharing her with his friends just to be the cool guy? Would you stay be ok with it? Of course, you would. At least you are going to have a great Sloppy-Seconds afterward. It is going to be a very juicy one since it is going to be after her first gangbang.

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