How to Bull – Tips for pleasing a Hotwife

How to Bull – Tips for pleasing a Hotwife is an article for single men who want to have sex or a relationship who is married or has a boyfriend.

How to Bull - Tips for pleasing a Hotwife
How to Bull – Tips for pleasing a Hotwife

Do you want to learn some tips for pleasing a hotwife?

I’ll be the first to agree that no two Hotwives are the same. However, we generally all expect the same things out of single guys.

First thing. If you do not have a penis larger than 9 inches, then forget about it… JUST KIDDING!

Penis size may matter to some Hotwives but having an average-sized cock isn’t a deal-breaker for most. If I’m honest, the factors that sway a hotwife towards one guy over another have very little to do with penis size or anything remotely sexual. Here are some basic tips to get on a Hotwife’s ‘To Do’ list.

Be confident

I’m a reasonably confident woman who is married to a very confident man. It, therefore, goes without saying that a confident single guy is the best fit for us. I think even the shiest Hotwifing couple prefers a single guy who knows when to step up and take charge.

I’m not after an alpha by any means, but I appreciate a guy who can initiate play once he’s got the green light from us. If he’s socially confident, then it puts me at ease as I know he’ll have the same confidence in bed. Nothing turns me off more than having to reassure a guy that it’s OK to fuck me. If you’re on the shy side, don’t despair. Just show honesty and decisiveness which will make up for not being super confident. Say “Yes! I want to go home with you.”

Be respectful

Being respectful goes without saying in any form of sexual relationship, but even more so when you’re essentially playing with another person’s treasured human. Even though a husband may want you to fuck his wife like a dirty cum slut, there should be no question of how much he loves her. Or how much grief you’ll experience if you ever cross the line.

If you’re not sure where that line is, then be honest and ask. Sometimes it’s hard to know what a couple is into unless they spell it out to you. Just don’t assume that if a particular approach worked with one couple, that it will work with the next. Deal with each new couple individually and take the time to work out what makes them tick. They’ll appreciate you taking the time to make them happy.

Be charming

Compared to a girl you meet on Tinder, a Hotwife is more or less a sure thing. If she thinks you’re hot, then you can count on getting your end away. Having said that, don’t rely on your six-pack and dreamy eyes to secure the deal. While some women are only interested in the exterior packaging, going the extra mile and laying on the charm will increase your chances of return custom.

You may even get referrals! Don’t forget that Hotwives are regular women at the end of the day. We enjoy flattery, seduction, and overall being made to feel special. Sure, you may have a dozen willing ladies on speed dial, but for the time you’re with a Hotwife, make her feel that she’s the only woman you desire at that moment. Then leave her wanting more.

Be cool

It’s OK. You’re a single guy so it’s completely expected that you are fucking other women. We’d be concerned if you weren’t to be brutally honest. However, there is such a thing as over-sharing. It’s OK to casually mention your latest conquests, but hold back on gushing about how good she was at deep-throating, how perky her tits were and that she invited three of her girlfriends to devour you as well.

You aren’t going to impress a Hotwife by kissing and telling. Be discreet. By all means, let her know that you’re desired by other babes but keep the details to yourself. Conversely, though, don’t get so pussy-struck by a Hotwife that you send her hourly text messages to tell her she’s a sex goddess. Don’t let her think she’s your only source of sex. Do let a Hotwife know that you’re always interested and available, but if she’s not, then you’re more than capable of moving on to another pussy.

Be inclusive

Many single men tend to forget that a Hotwife has a husband. This is often the case with inexperienced guys or those who consider threesomes a tolerable alternative to having a woman to themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame a man for focussing on the Hotwife, especially if he’s not even remotely bi. Still, it’s nice to have a single guy understand that a Hotwife is a couple first and a sexy bitch second.

It’s not hard to be inclusive: make sure you address both the Hotwife and her husband in conversations. Compliment him on his beautiful wife and what a pleasure it is to meet them both. During sex, there’s no need to be as inclusive but if hubby is looking to participate, then help make it happen. Take her from behind so she can better work her magic orally on him. You get the gist.

There will always be exceptions to the rule but I’m 100% sure that if as a single guy you are at least a little mindful of the above tips, you’ll know how to please a Hotwife very well. Good luck 😉

Written by: Hotwife Emma

Source: a shared wife

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