Get Ready For Chastity Cage

How to Get Ready For Chastity Cage? How to embrace a Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage) and focus on your goddess? Learn serving her to make both of you happy.

How to Get Ready For Chastity Cage?

For any male who thinks that they will be prepared for what happens when they consent to enter into a chastity agreement with their partner, think again. Nothing you will do, have done, will think, or imagine can prepare you for what you will experience and what changes will happen to both of you.

Get Ready For Chastity Cage: Correcting a mistake by chastity
Correcting a mistake by chastity

The moment she takes ownership of your cock is exciting but nothing like the onset of the deeper feeling of being owned and denied by a girl who will quickly become a goddess. Almost immediately and then reinforced for as long as she is in control, you are bound irresistibly.

Embrace Chastity and make her feel wanted
Embrace Chastity and make her feel wanted

How to embrace a Chastity and focus on your goddess?

You want to do everything in your power to please her and will go to extraordinary lengths to do so. Your heart and cock make you worship the ground she walks on and hanks her for every titbit of attention and affection. In fact, once locked some kinds need to be reminded that she might need some space. She knows you are locked and needy, but still decides when, where and how you get to show your humble willingness to please.

You are in this cage for a reason. It is the physical proof that signifies that your sexual wants and needs have become inconsequential. And it’s not your choice anymore so get used to it. The needs of the submissive male are outweighed by the greater power of the girl who owns you. She must deserve and demand all the pleasure, fulfillment, orgasms, or anything else sexual or non-sexual. Eventually, the chaste male will begin to realize that her happiness is your pleasure. His selfless efforts are their own reward.

Wear Chastity - Her Happiness is your happiness
Wear Chastity – Her Happiness is your happiness

She inevitably grows more confident. Then, she will surprise with her demeanor and inventiveness as she drives the relationship. She is meant to lead and not follow anyway. The locked male has no other option but to embrace and serve. Chastity will serve as a powerful driving force for him to achieve her goals.

How to serve her and be happy?

When you fail in any way you must be prepared to go through torture and pain as punishment. In fact, you will crave it to prove your worthiness as you will for any touch or caress, whip, cane, and paddle stroke, rejoicing when you have colouring or marks to display proving your worth. At the very least each punishment will likely fit the crime so you should endure these with a view to making you a better submissive.

In the same way, your Humiliation and embarrassment will reinforce your inferior status in both of your minds. Anything you suffer gives a strange thrill and willingness to accept because it is her bidding. Remember there is no greater calling than to be able to serve an intelligent beautiful woman of your dreams.

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