Chastity Trap At Afterparty Story

Chastity Trap At Afterparty Story is a mini-story with a caption for Beta Males who love their cock to be trapped by an attractive woman.

Chastity Trap At Afterparty

After a party, you find an attractive woman and to your surprise, she agrees to sleep with you. She is out of your league. So you think to yourself that she might be drunk or you just got lucky. But the next morning you wake up with chastity on your cock and she is gone. You don’t know anything about her.

Confused with the hangover of last night. You heard about this chastity cage but never seen one for yourself. And you can’t believe that you trapped in one. So for several weeks, you wake up with the pain of hard-on in the morning inside chastity. That is why you start to look for that girl no matter what.

Chastity Trap At Afterparty Story
Chastity Trap At Afterparty Story

After you found her

Yes, I remember you, the party 6 weeks ago? You thought you’d gotten lucky but instead woke up with a gift locked on your cock. So how are you doing? Blue Balls set in yet?

Don’t worry they will eventually. Of course I’m not going to release you! Suffering in chastity is all you boys are good for. I am impressed you managed to track me downthough, so I’ll make you an offer.

You can either go back to your life of permanent chastity probably never get a girlfriend and eventually go insane from the frustration with no outlet, or you can serve me and become a slave.

You’ll spend your days naked and chained, doing chores and satisfying my needs as well as occasionally being an outlet for my more sadistic side, whips, canes, Pegging, you get the idea.

Do a good job and in a few years you could have a rare orgasm, ruined of course. As a special incentive I’ll even offer you the “girlfriend experience” where you can post pictures of us and say we’re in a relationship and I won’t deny it.

As far as your friend or the word is concerned you’re a stud who gets to date a hot girl like me, only I’ll know you’re a horny little slave boy.