Definition – What is Wannabe Cuck?

Definition – What is Cuck Wannabe? There are various reasons to stay a wannabe cuck and not a full Cuckold that we are going to explore in this article.

Definition - What is Wannabe Cuck
Definition – What is Wannabe Cuck

A Wannabe Cuck or Cuck Wanna be is a male who wants to become a cuckold as we can understand from the name itself. However, it can have various reasons for wanting it and lots of other reasons for not being an official cuckold yet. These are the things that we are going to discuss in this article.

Cuckold tendencies but no chance to experience it yet

You are a wannabe cuck because you have cuckold tendencies but haven’t got the chance to experience it yet. This may have various reasons.

Either you have a partner and you just started talking about this or you were too busy in life to explore new fantasies. In either can no worries. We are going to fully cover hot to start experience cuckold and hotwife lifestyle. To start you can check the following articles:

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The other reason that you may never have the chance to experience cuckolding is that you are single and you are looking to find a woman who can be your hotwife in the future. We are going to explore this part in the following articles.

Your Partner is not into Cuckolding

You are a wannabe cuck but your partner is not into it. This can be a real battle if a man is really after becoming a true cuckold. You may have a wife/girlfriend who will is not into becoming a hotwife but some convincing and careful conversations and exploration may help you to have some pleasant experience.

For this, I am going to write new articles about how to convince your wife/girlfriend to become a hotwife in the future. Meanwhile, the following articles can help you both:

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On the other hand, you might have a partner who will never act on it, and just further discussing it with her can harm your relationship. I am going to talk about this in future articles.

Wannabe Cuck Forever: Never Acting On It

You are a wannabe cuck but you will never act on it and just enjoy the fantasy and roleplay. You may have various reasons such as the situation of the society that you are living in or your family and work circumstances. In either case, you can still enjoy these fantasies with your partner. Below you can find some examples but we will explore Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding further in future articles:

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