Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 2 – Chastity for Safety

Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 2 – Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage) for Safety is the second episode of this Femdom erotic story. The dominant mother of a young boy’s girlfriend forces him into wearing a chastity device.

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Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 2 - Chastity for Safety
Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 2 – Chastity for Safety

Angel as a young boy had his first handjob from the mother of his girlfriend. To him, their relationship was going strange but well. But he didn’t know was despite all of these his girlfriend’s mom Ms. Anderson was not approving of their relationship. All of this was a test and she believed her daughter Emily can do better.

So much that in her conversation with Emily said that he is like a little boy and you deserve much better and a manly man and not like this little sissy boy.

Emily didn’t want to agree but she knew that she is right. Something about Angel reminded him of his father. As her mother tried to show that what a pathetic passive loser Angel is more he found him comforting and easier to dominate.

So one day for the second meeting Ms. Anderson invited Angel over before Angel and Emily go out again. She said the same things like before that as a good boy I want your balls to be empty before going out with my daughter. So I will be sure that you really like her and you won’t do anything sexual with her.

So she ordered him to lower his pants and she started jerking him off. Even though it was still awkward for Angel but he got used to the idea and felt much more comfortable. When he came into her hands, she made him eat his own cum from her hands again. And he did that without a question.

Girlfriend’s Mom Masturbating Young Boyfriend
Girlfriend’s Mom Masturbating Young Boyfriend

After a few minutes of rest, she brought a natural oil to go for the second round of masturbation, and this time she started to massage Angel’s asshole as well. He felt weird but didn’t want to say anything. Until finally she fingered him and he immediately came to her hands. She made him eat his own cum again.

After he got soft, he thought that this is it and was getting ready to wear his pants again but Ms. Anderson stopped him. She said I have a surprise for you. And from her purse, she brought a strange plastic device that looked like a small cage for a penis.

She said I am sure that you masturbate at home right?

Angel nodded. She continued we can’t have that. Even masturbation counts as cheating. You should do everything here and I will help you. I don’t know what you will do other times that you are with my daughter. That is why I will put you in this chastity.

Then, she asked him to stand up and gently put the chastity on Angel.

After locking it Angel said: Am I going to wear this all the time?

Ms. Anderson: Of course silly. That is the whole point. So only I will have the key to it to make sure that you are a good boy.

Angel: but how am I going to pee?

Ms. Anderson: look at the front, there is a hole here. But of course, you have to sit down in the toilet to pee. No peeing while you stand up for you, good boy.

Angel: but what if I get an erection?

Ms. Anderson: Well, you can’t. That is the whole point of wearing chastity. All of your erections will be in my control. When you guys are older enough, I will give the key to Emily.

For some reason the idea of not being able to have an erection or cum without her permission made him excited but his little penis couldn’t get an erection and instead troubled a little in the chastity cage.

Both Ms. Anderson and Emily giggled.

Ms. Anderson: look how cute he became.

Then, Emily and Angel left the house. Ms. Anderson thought that with seeing him in chastity her daughter may leave him but she didn’t. So she told Emily that she will make sure to break him.

Their relationship continued and every now and then Ms. Anderson took Angel out of his chastity and jerks him off. But other times it was very frustrating for him. Something in his pants was jiggling all the time. As a teenager, he was getting erections all the time but he wasn’t able to have a solid erection or masturbate.

The worst part was when he was trying to sleep. And the nightmare of morning woods which it was just aching in his little chastity. Sometimes his penis was becoming very red until finally get frustrated and got soft. So by the time, Ms. Anderson jerks him off he was becoming very sensitive and easily came in less than 30 seconds.

Angel was thinking to himself, that this wasn’t that bad because this was like a little game, and the handjobs that he was receiving and the ejaculation were very intense, something that he never felt in his life.

Until one day when he was going to see Emily in her house but he found her kissing a tall black man in front of the door.

To be continued….

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