Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 3 – The Virgin Cuckold

Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 3 – A Virgin Cuckold is a story of a young boy (Angel) who got dominated by his girlfriend’s mother by jerking him off and putting him in a Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage).

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Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 3 - The Virgin Cuckold
Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 3 – The Virgin Cuckold

One day when he was going to see his girlfriend Emily in her house, he found her kissing a tall black man in front of the door. He was shocked and got a bit pail. After their kiss, Emily noticed him and panicked. Angel wanted to go but Emily stopped him and asked him to come to the house.

Angel couldn’t believe it, but with lots of hesitation, he agreed to go inside with them. Ms. Anderson came to the door and was a bit surprised but she had a smirk when she saw how devastated Angel was.

Ms. Anderson: Hi Angel, I know you are a bit shocked but we need to talk and we need to do this as openly as possible.

Angel was passively listening with a face slightly looking down.

Ms. Anderson continued: I am someone who never hides what I have inside. To be honest, I wasn’t fond of you when you and Emily started dating. I told her that you are a passive little boy and she deserves someone better. That is why I introduced Mike to her. (She pointed to the young black man she was kissing)

Mike: Nice to meet you, man.

Angel was a bit angry and surprised at how she was saying this so easily. He didn’t know what to say. Finally, he said: But I thought that I am a good boy. Isn’t that what you were expecting?

Ms. Anderson: Yes you are a good boy. But Emily deserves a man. However, I guess she got affected by the relationship between me and her father. She saw how I made him a cuckold and I guess Emily is after the same thing even though she could have Mike from day one. But it’s ok. I respect her choice and I guess you can be a nice cuckold or even further.

Angel: What’s a cuckold?

Ms. Anderson: Don’t worry you will learn fast.

Then, she took everyone to a big bedroom. Emily and Mike went next to the bed and Ms. Anderson asked Angel to sit on the small sofa close to the bed. Ms. Anderson told them to go on.

Mike started touching and kissing Emily again. Emily was hesitant in the beginning but soon under the effect of Mike’s masculine muscles she got horny too and she was kissing back.

Angel got upset and said: what are they doing? they should stop. She is my girlfriend.

Ms. Anderson: She is. And you are a cuckold. Just relax. As a cuckold take your pants off and just what are they doing.

Meanwhile, Mike was manhandling and groping Emily’s ass and young tits.

Angel: But even I didn’t do any of those things. We haven’t even had sex yet.

Ms. Anderson: Angel… Angel… Emily is going to have sex but not you. You have other sorts of relief as a cuckold. I will teach you everything just as I thought about jerking you off and putting you in chastity. Now take off your pants.

Angel didn’t say anything further and he did as she said and sat on the sofa again. Mike took Emily’s little top off. Emily wasn’t wearing a bra and this was the first time Angel was seeing her little perfect tits. At this time, Angel felt that his dicklet started moving in its cage and made a little jiggling sound.

Ms. Anderson heard that and said: you see. You started enjoying it as I predicted. You can’t handle her perfect body and the things she needs. That is too much stress for you. So just let someone who knows better.

Mike: ya man, let me handle her. You just sit and relax.

Angel was feeling weird. Again this wasn’t what she was expecting. This was so humiliating for him but for some reason, he was feeling all tingly and turned on. The same feeling he felt when Ms. Anderson jerked him off. His girlfriend is about to have sex with someone else before even he gets to have his first time. This hung black guy was squeezing and sucking his girlfriend’s tits and his little penis was in chastity and troubling.

Then, Mike took his pants down and his big black cock came out. He pushed Emily to suck. Angel couldn’t believe the size of that thing. Emily started to suck it without question. It was obvious that this wasn’t her first time sucking a cock.

Ms. Anderson: Good Girl

Angel was going crazy in his little cage. Ms. Anderson took the key out and unlock Angel. Angel felt much better now that he was able to have an erection.

Ms. Anderson: now that you are watching I can teach you how to join them. Now as a big boy who became a cuckold you can jerk off yourself and no need for me. (she took Angel’s hand to his penis and showed him to jerk off and he did without a question) Good Boy

Mike took Emily’s tight pants and little pink panties out. He pushed Emily on the bed, opened her legs, and licked her pussy a couple of times. This was the first time that Angel was seeing a pussy in real life. He saw some in porn before but none of them was as beautiful and pink as Emily’s 16 years-old hairless little pussy. Emily was moaning as Mike made her pussy ready.

Mike put his massive cock on her pussy and started pushing slowly. Angel couldn’t believe his eyes. He couldn’t believe that all three of them are letting this happen. To Angel, there was no way that huge cock was going to enter that little tight pussy.

However, with every slow thrust more of his cock was entering her and stretching her pussy. And she was moaning louder and louder each time.

Mike opened Emily’s leg as wide as possible and lied on her to kiss her while fucking her. He was like a black beast on a little angel who was unable to out. It was like she was in pain but somehow she was enjoying it. Angel wasn’t able to this paradox and suddenly he shoots his load out and came to his hand. Some of it also spurted on the floor.

The Black Beast on little girlfriend

Ms. Anderson giggled as she saw Angel came so soon. Her hands showed Angel to lick his hands as he is supposed to do it every time he comes. Angel did that without question but this time it felt way better than other times that she jerked him off.

Ms. Anderson asked him to continue jerking off as Mike and Emily were continuing. Mike changed their position to doggy. At first, he was fucking her from the back as he was spanking her white and little jelly ass. Then, he started to pull her hair with a very hard thrust into her.

After several minutes he started left her hair and started pulling her hands from behind and forcing her to take heavy thrusts to her little body and she was literally screaming. Angel got worried and wanted to help or do something as he looked at Ms. Anderson; she moved her head meaning do not interfere.

Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 3 – Harsh Doggy

Angel came again seeing how loud Emily was screaming. After 10 more minutes of fucking and spanking her, Mike turned her over again and this time took her legs up and shoved her big cock harshly into her pussy.

Emily was moaning and screaming again and Angel continued jerking off as they were having steamy sex. In the end, Mike started coming into her pussy with some loud noises. At this point, Angel realized that they weren’t wearing a condom and he started coming also.

Finally, Mike finished with her and stood up. Emily’s face was reddish and her hair was like a mess. She was out of breath and her pussy was so stretched and cum was coming out of it with every heart bit.

Ms. Anderson: now it is your turn to go down on her and lick that come. This is the closest that you will be to her pussy so better do it as well as you can. (Angel looked at her with a face that he can’t believe what he is hearing)

She continued: Yes, other than your own cum, you are responsible for anyone who comes into her pussy or anywhere else on her.

Angel obeyed and went down to her. This was the first time he was coming that close to a pussy but it smelled heavily as sex and was filled with a black man’s cum. But he did it anyway. He felt disgusted but he felt that this is heaven at the same time. He licked everything on it.

Ms. Anderson asked him to make sure that nothing is left in her pussy so he should put her tongue deep inside. And he did it without a question. The deeper Angel was doing the more he was feeling that he loved it and getting addicted to it. Emily came one more time as he finished licking.

In the end, when he stood up he saw that Emily, her mother, and Mike were looking at him. He felt so humiliated.

Mike nodded and said: Nice

Ms. Anderson: This is going to be your life.

To be continued….

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