Sperm Competition Definition – How does it affect Cuckoldry?

Sperm Competition Definition – How does it affect Cuckoldry? How Wife Sharing Increases Chances Of Pregnancy? More and Better Sex with Cuckoldry

Sperm Competition Definition - How does it affect Cuckoldry
Sperm Competition Definition – How does it affect Cuckoldry

What is Sperm Competition?

According to Wikipedia Sperm competition is a form of post-copulatory sexual selection whereby male ejaculates simultaneously physically compete to fertilize a single ovum. Sperm competition occurs between sperm from two or more rival males when they make an attempt to fertilize a female within a sufficiently short period of time.

This results primarily as a consequence of polyandrous mating systems, or due to extra-pair copulations of females, which increases the chance of cuckoldry, in which the male mate raises a child that is not genetically related to him.

Sperm competition is not exclusive to humans and has been studied extensively in other primates, as well as throughout much of the animal kingdom. [1]

How Sperm Competition affects Cuckoldry?

If you are a married woman whose husband has expressed a desire to see you have sex with another man or if you are a married man who longs to see your wife make love to another man then you should know that this behavior is perfectly natural. It is what is known as the sperm competition syndrome.

Almost all men are born with this syndrome. Some simply choose to express it freely while others choose to hide it. This syndrome has led to practices such as hotwifing and cuckolding which simply refer to a husband having his wife sleep with another man.

The answer in many people’s minds is that why do men have this syndrome. The answer is very simple. They are simply born with it. Back in the days before the church has imposed its rules and before society created its morals, women were free to mate with as many males as they desire.

This practice is good for the proliferation of the species. Because of this, men before were used to seeing their partners mate with other men. In fact, they have developed a fondness for seeing their partners with other men.

Sperm competition syndrome, therefore, is simply a yearning for the “good old days.” It is a primal and biological response. It is actually natural for people to have multiple sexual partners. It is a modern society with all of its rules that have made the practice unnatural or immoral even. [2]

More and Better Sex with Cuckoldry

Hotwifing and cuckolding are natural practices. Many experts even believe that they come with plenty of benefits both for the husband and the wife. One of the benefits of these practices is the imported sex life between the husband and the wife. Just the thought of his wife being with another man can excite a man so much. This excitement can then lead to better performance in bed. [2]

In one study, in press in Comparative Psychology, McKibbin and his colleagues found that men at greater risk for cuckoldry (as measured by the proportion of time they’d spent away from their partners) became more interested in having sex with their partners.

They also found their partners more attractive and engaged in more “mate guarding” behavior—for example, monopolizing their partners’ time at a party. This effect was independent of the amount of time since the couple last had sex, so it wasn’t just the result of built-up desire—and it was moderated by how much a man trusted his mate not to cheat, McKibbin found.

This line of research is controversial but important because it may help us better understand—and prevent—sexual coercion and rape, McKibbin said. One such finding, in McKibbin’s Comparative Psychology study: Men at risk for cuckoldry were later more likely to pressure their partners into having sex.

These findings, in combination with past research showing that men at risk for cuckoldry produce more sperm, thrust more vigorously, and are more interested in their partners’ orgasms than males whose partners’ haven’t had a chance to cheat, suggest that sperm competition has been common throughout human history, said, McKibbin. [4]

How Wife Sharing Increases Chances Of Pregnancy?

Wife sharing (or cuckolding) is one of the most common fantasies among men and it turns out it may actually increase a woman’s ability to get pregnant by creating sperm competition syndrome. In fact, it’s how to increase the chances of pregnancy, and if done correctly, it won’t create an incredible amount of friction in your marriage or relationship.

Some women begin sexual relationships with multiple mates if their partner is not potent enough to produce children.

Research shows that sperm count increases considerably in men who share their wives sexually with others.

The feeling of sexual enhancement encourages competition (sperm competition syndrome) between the two or more individuals having sex with the same woman in the wife-sharing relationship.

The internal process resembles a raffle: the man with more tickets (sperm) has a higher chance of winning (getting the woman pregnant).

But the success in sperm competition depends solely upon the potential of the man to produce sperm in large quantities, which is not easy. On the other hand, the overuse of sharing sperm with many women (in order to increase chances of pregnancy) can reduce their number of sperm. [3]


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