Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 6 – Not Her BF but His GF

Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 6 – Not Her BF but His GF is a Femdom story of young boy Angel who got feminized by his GF’s mother and became a girly Sissy Cuckold.

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Not Her BF but His GF

Angel in her girly outfit was sitting on the sofa in Ms. Anderson’s house. Angel’s little penis was in tight Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage) and she was feeling like a little girl eagerly waiting for her destiny. However, she was a bit confused. When Angel was feeling like a boy, she had a girlfriend, Emily. Angel was wondering if their relationship has any validity or not.

Ms. Anderson was on the phone talking to Angel’s mother. That is why Angel was nervous. Ms. Anderson was telling Angel’s mom how Angel tried to have a relationship with Emily but failed and never even had sex together. Instead, she found out that she is a girly sissy boy. Ms. Anderson told her she saw how Angel sucked the cock of Emily’s friends by her own eyes and how they fucked Angel’s tight ass several times.

Obviously, Angel’s mom was shocked. Ms. Anderson was lying so calmly and so believable. She wasn’t telling how she prevented Angel from having sex with Emily and controlled Angel’s orgasms and sex life and made Angel a virgin cuckold. Also, she wasn’t telling Angel’s mom how she forced feminized her by tricking her with several domination and manipulation techniques.

But Angel was not giving any reaction to any of this anymore. She accepted her fate of becoming a girly sissy. Maybe, as a beta boy who got controlled so easily by Ms. Anderson, Angel deserved to be feminized.

And perhaps she was right and Emily needed to be with an alpha male like Mike with his masculine body and huge cock. Angel was just 18 years old and she thought that at this young age maybe it is normal to find your true self.

Ms. Anderson’s phone call finished. She had a genuine smile.

Ms. Anderson: Good news. Your Mom totally accepted it. Obviously, she wasn’t expecting this much change but she wasn’t shocked as you thought…. So now you don’t need to worry about going out in your new girly clothes…. The world is going to see your new you.

Angel: Great… Thank you

Ms. Anderson: So… as we talked before, Tom is going to come and pick you up in a bit. I know you had sex before but that was something else. He wants to become more intimate with you and this is a chance for you to know each other.

Angel (even though she already knew it but she felt kind of shy): Sure…. Um, then what about Emily.

Ms. Anderson: no need to worry about her. She is on a date with Mike. As I told you she deserves a manly man like Mike. She doesn’t need to cuckold a beta man as I did with my husband. I thought that I can show you both what a sissy you are. With a little help from Tom, I emasculated you and now look how beautiful you look. Don’t you think all of this trouble is worth it?

Angel: I don’t know…. maybe

Ms. Anderson: Don’t worry. Just go out with Tom and see what happens.

First Date as a Sissy

They heard a knock on the door. Tom arrived with some flowers for Angel. Angel was a bit surprised but also touched by Tom’s gesture.

Tom showed the car and opened the door for Angel. Angel was feeling like a true lady. She was really feeling great and in her true self.

Every now and then Tom was looking at Angel.

Before they took off Tom said: You look beautiful, like a true Angel.

Angel felt great inside. She never felt someone pay that much attention to her. They went to a café and started chatting. Angel was happy and loved the way this black man looking deeply into her eyes. She liked how he took her feminine hands and looked at her thin fingers with colorful nails. Angel was feeling something, maybe more than she had with Emily when she looked like a boy.

 After a couple of hours, Tom took her hand and they started walking. Tom took her hand. She felt like she is her girlfriend now. And then, they stopped. Tom looked deeply into Angel’s eyes and kissed her passionately.

Later they went to Tom’s house. He had a nice small place but was clean and tidy. Shortly they started making out. Tom started reaching Angel’s ass and groped her cheek several times. With every grope, she felt the rush of blood through her body and her little cliti in chastity. She became wet in her little panties.

Tom took her to the bedroom. But before going to bed he took Angel’s skirt up and started spanking her harshly. Angel was shocked and moaned with each slap, however, she loved it. Tom leaked her finger and started massaging and fingering her. Angel never felt this much turned on.

Tom dropped his pants and took out his massive cock. This time Angel was happy to see it. She sat down on her knees and took it in her hands. While she was massaging, she was looking at Tom’s eyes to maintain the connection. She could see how happy Tom was and how much he was enjoying it. Then, she put that black cock into her mouth, and immediately that semi-erect cock started getting bigger.

As she was sucking, she was happy that she is making her man ready and horny to fuck her little Boipussy / AssPussy. She was looking at Tom’s eyes but he couldn’t continue looking at her. Instead, he has closed his eyes and enjoyed some little manly sounds from his mouth. Towards the end, he pushed Angel’s head toward his cock a few times and Angel gagged.

Then, Tom stopped her and guided Angel to the bed. Angel assumed that he wants her to be in a doggy position as always but he turned her around. Tom came on her body and started kissing her lips again. Then, he opened Angel’s white legs like a little girl. He took her panties up.

Angel’s little cliti was throbbing in its little chastity. Tom touched Angel’s chastity playfully and said: how cute.

Angel smiled. Then, Tom took her legs up and started using his tongue to lick Angel’s pink boipussy. Angel never felt such a turn-on. She felt the want to cum so badly but she couldn’t because of chastity.

Tom stopped and opened her legs again. Angel’s boipussy was more than ready to be fucked. Tom put his black cock in front of her boipussy and started penetrating her little by little. Immediately Angel started to moan and grabbed sheets of the bed from the joy and a little pain.

Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 6 - Not Her BF but His GF
Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 6 – Not Her BF but His GF

Tom began to fuck her ass faster and faster. The juice of Angel’s boipussy helped to lubricate the way. Angel was moaning like a little girl. This was a great position because this time Angel felt more connected with Tom because they were able to look at each other’s eyes.

Then, Tom lied totally to Angel and pushed her legs as high as possible to come on his shoulders. He bent Angel over and shoved his big cock again. This was so tight and a bit uncomfortable for Angel. However, Tom became so close that he started kissing her lips while he was fucking her ass with every thrust.

Angel never felt this much sexually connected with anyone before. They were having sex and making out at the same time. Then, Tom started to thrust harder and harder into her ass. It was so hard that they had to stop kissing. Angel couldn’t take it anymore and after a few times, Tom’s thrusts forced her to come with anal pressure.

She was feeling out of this world. And she could feel that Tom is close to cum as well. With a loud shout, he started coming into her tight boipussy. Angel felt the warm sperms of his man deep inside her ass. Her strong man just finished breeding her like a woman.

They started kissing passionately in that position and they were happy that their relationship started.

Accepting Life as a Sissy

A few days late, they went to Ms. Anderson’s house as she told them she has something for Tom. Tom and Angel brought a nice red wine for her to say thank you. They saw Mike and Emily and they seemed happy too. They congratulated them on their new relationship.

Emily and Angel haven’t felt weird at all. It was like all of these were supposed to happen. After a little chit-chat, Ms. Anderson brought a little colorfull box as a surprise for Tom.

Ms. Anderson: Now that you two are together, I think you should have it. I thought as her boyfriend you should have this.

Tom took the box and opened it. It was a little key inside.

Ms. Anderson: This is her chastity key. You should have it and you can do whatever you want with it. But my advice: do not take it out except for cleaning or maintenance.

Tom took the key and looked at Ms. Anderson and then on Angel. Angel felt shy and red again. But she was sort of tingling and happy inside. After all, she became feminized and now she has an official boyfriend. It is nice to feel that her orgasms and her clitis control are in her boyfriend’s hands from now on.

Tom was happy too. She put the little chain of the key around her neck and put the key inside his T-shirt. And then, he leaned toward Angel and kissed her. They were so happy to be together.

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