Definition – What is Oblivious Cuckold?

Definition – What is Oblivious Cuckold? Who is an oblivious cuckold? Are you a Cuckold and don’t know about it?

Definition - What is Oblivious Cuckold

An oblivious Cuckold is a man who doesn’t know or can’t accept that his wife/girlfriend cheated on him. We can better define an oblivious cuckold by separating them into 3 groups:

Oblivious Cuckold with Cheating Wife

There are some men who do not know that their wife or girlfriend is cheating on them. Their partner either has a constant affair or their partner has a one-night stand or accidental cheating behind him.

Lots of the affairs that you may hear that lead to a divorce or breakup is in this category. This may have many reasons but one thing that is clear is cheating or cuckolding is not a solution for every relationship and when there is no communication.

Oblivious Cuckold with Mistress

Also, there are some other men that do not want to know. Either they can’t accept this because they can’t handle being a cuckold yet. Or they got some clues or hints from their wife/girlfriend that they are being cuckolded.

The reason for this is the man can’t accept to be a cuckold but at the same time can’t leave his wife/girlfriend. There are various reasons for this but the main ones are the woman is very attractive and out of his league or the woman has too much power in the relationship.

Female-dominated (Femdom) relationships with a Beta Male husband are the best conditions to create an oblivious cuckold. From my experience, the Hotwife will continue hinting or accidentally getting caught until the man accepts that he is an official cuckold.

Cuck Wannabe who is Oblivious Cuckold

Another group that is much rare than the first two groups and usually lasts less long than the other two is when a man wants to become a cuckold (Cuck Wannabe) but they do not know that their partner is actually cheating on them.

This may happen because the woman feels shy to admit it or she is in another relationship and can’t confess such a big thing.

Another reason could be that the cuck wannabe seems he wants is but he is just talking and fantasizing about it and hasn’t decided to put it into action. Little does he know, his wife/girlfriend already started cuckolding him. ANd the day he is ready will be a big surprise for him

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