Story: Watching Wife Get Fucked with Accountant for the First Time

Story: Watching Wife Get Fucked with Accountant for the First Time is a real cuckolding story of a married couple becoming Hotwife and Cuckold.

Story: Watching Wife Get Fucked with Accountant for the First Time
Story: Watching Wife Get Fucked with Accountant for the First Time

The opposite actually happened, my wife’s first time having sex with another man since we’d married. I was behind her and she was facing the guy while I lowered her dress off her shoulders….

My wife had become comfortable telling me once in a while about any guy(s) she recently saw somewhere or was acquainted with that struck her as interesting, sexually.

One was our insurance guy, John, who turned out to be the first guy she actually had all-out extramarital sex with. I knew him pretty well, seemed like a really good guy. He was 28. She’d met him once – before this night I will tell about – and she had mentioned how he was handsome and “interesting” so I pressed her and she said yes, sexually interesting to her.

A couple of times I brought him up when we were fucking and specific role play/fantasy about him fucking her which got her really hot and we’d both cum like crazy. So there was that. And the guy, John, had said to me something like, “you are really lucky” about my wife, which I’ve heard more than a few times from male friends or acquaintances when they first met my wife.

The First Chance for Sexual Encounter

So….about 6 months after the time she met him, my wife and I ran into John at a party. I could tell the 2 of them were hitting it off. At one point he said he was a fish out of water since he’d gone through a recent split in a longtime relationship. and he was dating for the first time in almost 6 years.

My wife said he should be swarmed with girls wanting him. He liked hearing her say that and obviously had a positive vibe going on and some sexual tension. I invited him over to our place when the party was winding down. Like for a nightcap.

He followed us and on the way home my wife knew what might unfold…. we’d actually talked and fantasized with no expectation whatsoever an encounter with John would be a real possibility. She was a little nervous but also I could detect excitement. There were a lot of first-time moments that are unforgettable that night.

There was no plan and it was unknown what may happen and if things would actually progress at all. And it was a progression. Instigation was needed, a bold move had to happen if the social visit was going to be any more than just that.

After about a half-hour hanging out and talking, drinking, standing by our kitchen bar, I asked him if he had been undressing my wife with his eyes (her dress was a tight thin cotton, no bra, just a lining, if you stared enough you could make out her nipples). He said something like, yes, guilty. So now, over the course of the night, she had basically said he was hot, and he had said the same back.

Bold Move Time

The sexual tension was palpable. I was inspired and had to spark something, my wife or John never would have. So then, – bold move time – I slipped my hands under the straps of her dress, me standing behind her, she was facing him and asked her if it was OK for John to have a look. She only said, “well….is that what you want to do?”

I knew that was OK. That was the first huge milestone… so I lowered her dress off her shoulders, with no objection or resistance from her, and there was that moment when another guy was first seeing my wife’s bare nipples and things are now going sexual.

Then, she stepped into him and kissed him, like an impulse. And both of us were feeling her tits. Not a word said, and I interrupted to lead her to our couch, a big sofa. I motioned John over. He and I sat on either side of her and resumed feeling her body with her dress pulled down to her waist. And she kissed him full-on again so he had no doubt that this was all OK with her.

Watching Her with Her First Blowjob to Another Man

In no time she was undoing his pants and got his cock out. That was a stunner when his cock was in plain sight, full hard-on, and extra-large. I remember clearly the look on her face. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and the look was lust and excitement plus apprehension and concern.

She told me later that she was worried his cock was too big and maybe painful if he fucked her. And, she was thinking she would go ahead and suck him off and that would be it. So she spent some time doing that, licking his shaft, getting it wet and stroking, putting as much in her mouth as she could. And looking at me while she did that! Like, are you sure?

Then, John interrupted her. I think because the ball was now rolling and he wanted her. So I suggested he help take her dress off all the way. Again she made no objection. And there was the moment where her dress was off and he was on the floor in front of her to pull her panties off, looking at me for more assurance it was all good, and I motioned, like, go ahead.

Story: Watching Wife Get Fucked with Accountant for the First Time

I wondered if she might still say…ok guys that’s enough for tonight. But, as he was pulling off her panties she lifted her ass to let him get them all the way off. It was kind of surreal and incredibly intimate. My wife was letting someone else move her legs apart and get his tongue inside her and look at her pussy from inches away. I was feeling my wife all over and kissing her while he was getting her more and more worked up with his tongue.

She was actually shaking and her heart was beating like crazy. Then, I remember her watching his cock waiving around while he got in position to fuck her. It was sticking straight out like a stovepipe, then zeroing in on her pussy. She got situated with her legs wide, one leg over my lap and the other on the couch armrest…. she was obviously ready to get fucked.

Then, she did her thing, rubbing the head of his cock up and down her pussy. While she guided him inside she kept looking at me and it was a look of fear and concern and extreme sexual excitement and all kinds of things…..We both knew she was about to be fucked by another man, and we were both extremely sexually excited for it to happen. I’ll never forget that look either.

When he started to slide inside her a bit more she put her hands flat against his stomach and pushed against him, like, to keep him from going too deep. I could tell he was well aware of going slow for her to adjust, probably something he always had to do. Slow strokes gradually further inside my wife. But she did adjust and once he was fucking with his entire cock basically deep stroking (fascinating to see!!), all of a sudden she stopped pushing against his stomach, she lifted both arms and reached back grabbing onto the top of the couch, and she kind of tilted her pelvis up… to let him fuck her all he wanted.

Seeing that was the most insane moment ever! Like the hottest porn movie ever, but it was my wife, live and real, right there. I was looking at my wife naked getting fucked by another guy, making little noises, catching her breath… It was so unbelievably hot to see her face!

I remember seeing John look down at his own cock fucking my wife’s pussy than look at her naked body and back at her face. He fucked her eagerly with a relentless steady rhythm, she was responding like crazy and it wasn’t long before she started to cum. She looked at me and started saying “Oh god, he’s fucking me. He’s fucking me…. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!” And she came like crazy, just delirious, like waves going through her. So then I was watching my wife having an intense orgasm while getting fucked by another guy!

First Creampie by Another Man

That milestone really hit me, too. AND…John must have been affected by seeing (and feeling) my wife cumming while he was fucking her because he came pretty soon too, and that was something I hadn’t anticipated, what that would be like to watch. It kind of stunned me to see him stop fucking and drive his cock inside my wife as far as he could, grinding his crotch into her pussy, with his butt flexing, so it was super obvious that he was cumming, gushing his cum inside my wife.

Then, it all calmed down and there was just a lot of breathing and they were both still. Eventually, he said, “Wow”. I remember we all kind of laughed. My wife said wow. Then, I said wow. It seemed like a few minutes where they stayed in the same position. John’s cock all the way inside my wife, both breathing heavily, and he and I were running our hands over her body and feeling her hard nipples.

I kissed her and we stared into each other’s eyes kind of blankly. Then John finally backed his cock out and kissed both her nipples then her mouth. I remember John glancing at me while I stared at my wife’s well-fucked pussy. Evidence of the cum inside her was starting to show. I remember that moment like yesterday. I remember all of it.

The First Sloppy-Seconds

That was the extent of what happened that first time. When John left he was very reverent and grateful for the night we’d had. We shook hands, a really good guy and a win/win/win experience all the way around. Very lucky about that. It was like 2 AM, my wife and I went to bed and were fucking very slowly, talking about what had just happened. It felt extra warm inside her, all slippery, about 150 degrees. I came, like, spontaneously when she started to tell me what it was like for her.

The next day my wife said John’s cock head bumped against her cervix and she was sore, but not too sore and she “didn’t mind at all”. I took that as a good sign. It was a little strange the next day after. And for a few days, my wife and I were processing the fact of crossing the line so to speak. But… nothing negative at all resulted. We were our typical busy selves – just normal life. Since the first-ever experience was so thrilling, it made it easy to consider doing something again. If the first time would have been negative, I am pretty sure we would have stuck with fantasy only.

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