What Is Chastitygasm? Sissygasm and other Orgasms

What Is Chastitygasm? Sissygasm and other Orgasms Explaining various types of Femdom orgasms from different denial techniques to the ruined orgasm

What Is Chastitygasm? Sissygasm and other Orgasms
What Is Chastitygasm? Sissygasm and other Orgasms

Despite what many newcomers believe, orgasms are still an integral part of the male Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage) experience.

The key thing is that the man’s orgasms are controlled. Rather than simply masturbating whenever he feels like it, the keyholder gets to decide when and what kind of orgasm he’ll be having.

Do Men Still Get To Orgasm During Male Chastity?

A common misconception about male chastity is that once a man is locked up, he’ll never be allowed to orgasm again. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Orgasms are an integral part of male chastity. While they aren’t as free and easy as they were before entering into a chastity relationship, you’ll still be experiencing regular, but controlled, orgasms.

There are a variety of different types of orgasms that feature commonly in chastity relationships.

What Is Orgasm Denial?

Orgasm denial (Read more: Erotic Sexual Denial) is the bread and butter of male chastity. Rather than being able to masturbate whenever a man feels horny, his orgasms are strictly controlled by his mistress. She gets to decide when he gets the release he craves.

The denial aspect often comes in the form of simply being told that he isn’t allowed to have an orgasm. Sometimes this may even be timetabled, with a date set as “orgasm day”. If the man were to misbehave, or not obey his mistress ‘ instructions, his orgasm may get pushed back to a later date.

The key thing with orgasm denial isn’t the delay, but the release. The point isn’t to make the man suffer because he’ll never get to release his sexual tension. Instead, you control his orgasms in a way that there is a huge build-up. Then when he finally gets that sweet release it feels so much better!

What is Chastitygasm?

Although the intention of a cock cage is to prevent erections, thereby preventing orgasms, some men are still able to reach orgasm while wearing a cock cage. Certain kinds of stroking and touching are just enough to bring him to climax.

This means as a Mistress, it’s important to keep an eye on what he’s doing even when he’s caged, as he may have found a way to still bring himself the pleasure he craves.

Equally, as the cage wearer, you need to try extra hard to be able to keep yourself from temptation. After all, what’s the point in wearing a cage if you aren’t going to stick to the chastity lifestyle?

What Is A Ruined Orgasm?

A Ruined Orgasm is another style of orgasm men in chastity will become intimately familiar with. This is similar to orgasm denial, with one key difference.

Rather than outright denying a man from orgasm, when you give him a ruined orgasm you actually pleasure him. Then right before the climax, you stop and ruin his orgasm.

When you do this, he may still ejaculate, but rather than the powerful squirts and muscle spasms that come with a normal orgasm, things will be a little more… anticlimactic.

The cum will simply dribble out of the end of his penis, and he won’t feel the pulsing in his penis that he normally would. He still gets to orgasm, but it’s not really very satisfying.

Ruined orgasms can be a great way to make your orgasm denial even more intense. By making him think he’s getting the climax he desires, then ruining it, you’ll make him even more excited for the day you’ve decided will be orgasm day!

Do Men Enjoy Ruined Orgasms?

Most men won’t exactly enjoy ruined orgasms, but when they finally get to have a proper orgasm it’ll feel that much sweeter!

Do Mistresses Enjoy Ruined Orgasms?

Mistresses can absolutely love ruined orgasms or have no interest in them at all. It’s all down to personal preference.

For some, the sight of their man whimpering and longing for a true release can really reinforce the control they have over the relationship and make them feel empowered in a way few other things can.

Others might not like the idea, and feel that it’s too much like teasing or even a bit mean!

What Is An Anal Orgasm?

Anal orgasms are exactly what they sound like. An orgasm is centered around anal stimulation rather than penile stimulation.

Being able to climax entirely through anal stimulation isn’t something everyone can do, but those who can tend to really enjoy it. Some even think anal orgasms are even more intense and pleasurable than any other kind of orgasm!

Anal Orgasm While Wearing A Cock Cage

When it comes to chastity, anal orgasms should always be something you consider. While a cock cage prevents any traditional penile orgasms, being able to have a little butt fun and enjoy yourself just as much kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a cage.

If you are able to orgasm entirely through anal stimulation then you’ll have a lot of extra temptation to deal with. Or as a Mistress, it gives you yet another thing to keep an eye on to make sure your man is obeying your orders.

When the temptation is too strong, and he just replaced normal orgasms with anal orgasms, it might even be worth looking into a full chastity belt rather than just a cock cage. These also cover the anus, so there’s no way for a man to enjoy any stimulation while wearing one!

Prostate Orgasms (Milking)

Prostate orgasms are somewhat related to anal orgasms, as they are most often achieved through anal penetration of men.

The prostate is a gland found between a man’s penis and bladder, and is often referred to as the “P-spot”, or a “man’s G-spot”. The gland is responsible for controlling fluids that exit the body through the penis. But also is one of the things you feel clenching and spasming during orgasm.

While it’s not terribly exciting when we think about its normal functions, the prostate can become an amazing sexual gland when stimulated correctly. Some men are able to orgasm entirely through prostate stimulation, without even touching their penis or even getting erect!

The most common way to stimulate the prostate is by inserting something into the anus. Although you can also stimulate the perineum (the skin between the penis and anus) which can also gently massage the prostate gland.

Of course, when wearing a cock cage, both of these areas are still available. So a man, in theory, can still reach his prostate while caged.

For many men, this won’t really be an issue, as reaching orgasm entirely through prostate stimulation isn’t easy, and many can’t actually do it. Those who can though, often claim that this is one of the strongest kinds of orgasms they can have. Once they figure out the right way to stimulate it, they’ll be free to do it as they please.

Again if this temptation becomes too much for a chaste man, it might be worth looking into full chastity belts to prevent stimulation of any of these areas.

Interestingly, prostate stimulation or prostate Milking can also prove to be a useful part of male chastity. Many men find the sensation incredibly intense and overwhelming. So mistresses can use it as a kind of punishment, or simply to leave their man trembling as a result of their delicate handiwork.

What Is A Sissygasm?

Some people will often class sissygasms and anal orgasms as the same thing. There is one key difference though. While an anal orgasm can be achieved in a number of different ways, a sissygasm is achieved entirely through anal penetration with a strapon or dildo.

Most of the time the term will also refer to a man being penetrated by a woman. It’s about her making the man into a sissy.

The idea of being a sissy is a specific group of people who like to change their behavior in a certain way while living out their male chastity. They’ll typically act much less masculine, and be extremely submissive to their masters.

A sissygasm is physically no different from an anal orgasm, as the exact same muscles and nerves are being stimulated. However, the mindset of the man is different. Instead of simply enjoying anal penetration, he’s completely submitting to his master and letting them do whatever they want with him.

Can You Have A Sissygasm While Wearing A Cock Cage?

Since sissygasm is done entirely through anal stimulation, it’s completely possible to have one whilst wearing your cock cage.

In fact, some sissies consider it a requirement to have their cock cages on when they have a sissygasm. Remaining caged means that their master is still fully in control of their penis, so the only orgasms they’ll be having are by being penetrated anally!