The Most Complete Ashley Madison Review for Cuckold Couples 2024

The Most Complete Ashley Madison Review for Cuckold Couples 2024, Is the Ashley Madison Dating Site Free? Premium Account, Is Ashley Madison App Anonymous?

Everyone involved in the online dating game knows the name: Ashley Madison. Meanwhile, there are lots of reviews about it online. You can find out many positive and negative ones that may make you confused. Here we gathered a summary for hotwives and bulls to understand if it is worth it

I should mention that obviously we benefit from your clicking and using Ashley Madison and we will appreciate that if you decide to join then use our link. However, I will try to be fair and honest about it since I review many dating apps and websites on Cuckold Club and I have so many viewers that their loyalty to me is more important than a particular benefit from anyone’s website.

The Most Complete Ashley Madison Review for Cuckold Wives
The Most Complete Ashley Madison Review for Cuckold Wives

Is the Ashley Madison Dating Site Free?

Ashley Madison is free up to a point, depending on who you are.

  • Women – all the main features are unlocked for 100% free
  • Men – can sift through profiles, use filters, read bios for free – communication requires paid credits
    Most dating sites operate a similar system to this. They’ve got to make their money somehow, and paying to use the site is better than selling your data to the highest bidder like some online dating sites!

Think of Ashley Madison as a popular nightclub. Men have to pay to get through the front door, while women can walk through for free. The Ashley site is “ladies’ night”-it basically uses women to entice men through the door and use the site.

Ashley Madison Revşew for Hotwives and Cuckold Couples

As you can understand from the first part since it is completely free for women to join and use all of the features it is a great place for women who are into having affairs and cheating and couples who are looking for a bull to have some fun in their relationship.

Ashley Madison Review of Pros and Cons

• The site has a good reputation
• Interface is modern and easy to use
• Many members ready to chat
• Chat disappears so the spouse won’t see
• Has a Panic Button
• Full of attractive individuals
• Protects your info with great security features
• Free for women
• Effective communication tools
• Anonymous payment options

• Not for people looking for serious relationships
• Lack of auto-matching
• The payment system is a little confusing

Ashley Madison User Base & Demographics

The vast majority of users on Ashley Madison come from North America or other prosperous nations. We can say that Ashley Madison is the real melting pot here since you can easily find other members from other countries. This service is available in 53 countries and it was important to make that very clear because it was not something that was mentioned in many other Ashley Madison reviews on the web. Obviously, some countries ban this service because of certain regulations. But if you’re just like other people, you might not be willing to travel for thousands of miles to find your matches. Therefore, it is a great idea to limit your scope based on your geographical location.

But here is the difference that Ashley Madison offers – it offers the option for travelers the ability to showcase people who are on the move. If you’re on the go or traveling a lot, you could use this feature to get more flexibility in finding your matches.

Ashley Madison’s Large User Base & Demographics
Ashley Madison Review on User Base & Demographics

Ashley Madison Sexual Orientation

Ashley Madison is a place for both heterosexual and homosexual people. so, you will want to know what you are dealing with before going further. When registering yourself, we suggest you state your gender first and the desired gender you want to meet. Don’t skip this aspect in the registration process since it will affect the system’s algorithm. The last thing you probably want is that your perfect match turns out to be a homosexual while you are straight, or vice versa.

Unlike the other dating sites, Ashley Madison adopts the action-based payment system. That means you will need to pay to communicate. You will need to set up the payment to attain specific communication credits in order to initiate a message to other people. After getting the credits, you will be able to exchange text messages with other people. You can use your credits to chat in real time or use the internal mailing system if your friends are offline.

Considering these points Bi-Cuckold couples and Sissy cuckolds can use this platform as well.

Premium Account for Bulls

The premium account will give you 100 credits for $50+ monthly charged to your selected payment method; if you have a suitable one available (you cannot get charged if you’ve used a mailed check, for instance).

This is a small price to pay for anonymity, unlike other websites that require you to use your accurate information sometimes.

Auto-Renewal Payments
The Ashley Madison system will automatically take the money from your saved payment method every month using the auto-renewal feature, which can turn off if you do not want that to happen anymore.

Many men complain about this process because after they have an affair, they have no use for the site anymore it wasn’t a contributing factor to them getting laid.

Bad Ashley Madison Reviews

Think of quitting Ashley Madison as a “hit and quit it” relationship. Therefore, these guys complain about paying a premium, although they are not using the service anymore. Understandable.

Moreover, they say that canceling the auto-renewal feature is difficult. When is it not with online dating sites? The people running the sites are in it to make money, too!

Also, if you focus particularly on a large number of reviews, they talk about some other website that they think is better. From this, you can understand that the vast majority of these bad reviews are hidden ads to take you to another website and they are simply desperate to use Ashley Madison’s name. Because they know there are people who are reading reviews of Ashley Madison.

“Pay to Play” Credits

Ashley Madison Review Payment

AM works on a trade-credit-for-action (pay-to-play in layman’s terms) system, where you are granted a certain number of credits per month to do your thing. The more credits you have in your chest box, the more freedom you get.

With those credits, you can unlock specific features like sending messages – which will cost five credits. That amount does not seem like much.

However, be very careful because those credits add up after about an hour of heavy use and playing around with various features.

Various payment methods
One nice feature that caught my eye is the various payment methods accepted. Some of them are traditionally not accepted by many dating websites: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit card (prepaid also accepted), Gift card, Check
So you can imagine the various ways to hide that AM charge from sneaky wives or husbands snooping around investigating bank transactions.

Moreover, the charge uses initials only in the bank statement.

Is Ashley Madison App Anonymous?

Is Ashley Madison App Anonymous?
Ashley Madison Review: Is the App Anonymous?

Some affair sites make it difficult to hide your identity because they want to create a community where no catfish exists.

Therefore, some of them will require relinquishing self-identifying information such as your actual email, phone number, and in some cases uploading your picture, or else you cannot access the main features.

Some sites will also require you to take a live picture doing the precise action they request, like holding up your two fingers to make sure the photo is real. Ashley Madison is not like this!

At AM, they understand the paramount need for people to hide their identities – some men and women who get on this site are rich and powerful, and they have too much to lose.

Therefore, AM gives users the ultimate power of inputting random information on the profile. There’s a reason that AM is commonly ranked among the best adult hookup websites on the web.

Change your location
On AM, you can essentially “lie” about your location and put a random zip code to another city nearby your home.

I mean, if an American woman riding on a tractor says she lives in Dubai, you can set the two-and-two together and figure out she is attempting to catfish users or doesn’t want someone at home to know she is using that site.

You never know if someone in your town will recognize a specific building or even a table in the background and say, “Oh, I know that girl!”

The next thing you know, one person can mention what they saw on AM, and the rumors will spread from there like wildfire and burn down everything.

Filters and Privacy Masks For Photos

Filters and Privacy Masks For Photos
Filters and Privacy Masks For Photos

Moreover, there is a masking filter for your profile picture so users can see all your other assets except your facial features. Or you can place a mask filter over your face, and it looks like you’ve been to Mardi Gras.

Someone you know could be on the balcony of the French Quarter flashing their breasts to the crowd below throwing beads, and you would never know who she is because of the mask. Ashley Madison is the Mardi Gras of affair dating.

Additionally, you can change your name, etc. This website provides the ultimate way to be anonymous.

Increased data security
You may have heard that AM suffered from a data hack in 2015, and it’s understandable that it may put off some more skeptical readers. However, since then, site security has skyrocketed, with multiple extra measures put in place to keep the data of site users safe.

Since being hacked, the site is actually now much safer and more secure than many of the alternative affair dating sites, so don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by past events. It’s safer now than it ever was!

Fake Profiles Run by Scammers & Bots on Ashley Madison

The general rumor floating around about Ashley Madison is that the fake profiles are run by foreign scammers attempting to blackmail users for money.

That’s true to a certain degree, but those scammers are mostly found on sugar daddy websites where the guys advertise the wads of money they’ve got. It makes more sense to go after sugar daddies.

Another reason for these “fake profiles” is that some people might be mad as hell at their spouse, create a profile with plans to cheat, and then leave it for dead after their temper’s cooled off. That happens sometimes.

Women can register for free, so obviously, there will be more fakeness on their side than the men. You rarely see fake users on the male side because they have to pay for the credits. Scammers do not like to pay – they want to take.

Moreover, these claims about fake profiles have not been substantiated by any prominent investigative study.

Scammers & Catfishes: How To Avoid Them

As we’ve already touched on, it is in the very nature of any dating site to have such users on its platform. Lots of other Ashley Madison reviews have mentioned that this can be a problem on every platform. For now, it’s just part of the game and if you browse for long enough, you’re definitely going to encounter either a bot, scammer, or catfish – it’s just inevitable. The difference between you and other users however is that you’ll be better equipped to know how to avoid them and quickly skip on to the real users of Ashley Madison. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Users asking you for money (dead relative, out of work, borrowing, etc.)
  • Shady acts such as refusing to send you pictures
  • Users asking you to move the convo off of Ashley Madison
  • Anybody asking for your personal information
  • Users asking you to sign up on another platform
  • Users who use fake images (do a reverse image search to confirm)
  • Too quick to get into dirty talk
  • Any users speaking in repetitive & bot-like manners

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