50 Challenges for Non-Cheating Hotwife

50 Challenges for Non-Cheating Hotwife is a list of 50 ideas for wannabe hotwives who want to try hotwife and Cuckold fantasy without sex.

If you are new we recommend reading about Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding to understand the concept first.

50 Challenges for Non-Cheating Hotwife
50 Challenges for Non-Cheating Hotwife

These dares involve flirting and risqué behavior only which are designed to increase trust, confidence, desire, appreciation, lust, intimacy, and FUN in the marriage. NO ACTUAL SEX TAKES PLACE!! Make up your own “rewards” for achieving certain point levels.

As a wannabe hotwife or Cuck Wannabe you can check your feelings with this list before you go deeper into cuckold fantasy.

1 Point

#1 – Suck a lollipop seductively in public.
#2 – Play naughty ‘truth or dare.’
#3 – Send your hubby a kinky pic of you while shopping.
#4 – Let your hubby take sexy pics of you flashing in public.
#5 – Talk to someone on the phone whilst you use a dildo or a vibrator. Bonus point if it’s one of your husband’s friends or a male family member.

2 Points

#6 – Wear a short skirt, dress, or revealing top with no wedding ring. Have fun and see how much attention you get. Share it with your husband as you stroke him. Bonus point if there are no panties. Extra Bonus point if you bend over with people around! (Read more: How to Cuckold – Shorter & More Revealing (see-through) Clothes)
#7 – Wear a skirt and remove your panties in public not far from people.
#8- Get your hubby a Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage) and lock him up while you dress provocatively all week.
#9 – Role-play that your hubby is a stranger and you’re a horny, cheating wife. (Read more: How to do Safe Cuckolding – Role-Playing)
#10 – Flash your boobs to a stranger. Bonus point if it’s “accidentally” to a male acquaintance!

3 Points

#11 – Eye fuck a guy. Bonus point if it’s in front of your husband!
#12 – “Forget” to wear your bra in public when it’s somewhat noticeable.
#13 – Wear a loose-fitting top in public. Bend over in front of attractive people. Bonus point if no bra!
#14 – Have your hubby make his dick bigger with a penis extender and role-play that he’s a big-dicked stranger.
#15 – Tell your hubby he can cum only at the thought of you with another man.

4 Points

#16 – Go out without a bra on while wearing a sexy shirt with your hubby.
#17 – Hubby picks out a revealing outfit for you for the day. Whenever you catch someone looking, smile. At the end of the day, tell your hubby about it while he strokes himself.
#18 – Flirt with another man while you’re seated. Cross your legs slowly as you talk and see his reaction. Bonus point if you’re wearing a skirt/dress. 5 bonus points if wearing a skirt/dress and no panties!
#19 – Flirt strongly with a girl. Tell your husband all about it if he’s not there. Bonus point if your hubby is present!
#20 – Go to dinner with a low-cut top and your tits out. Put your tits on display every time the server comes to your table. Bonus point if the server gets caught obviously looking!

5 Points

#21 – In front of people (strangers or acquaintances), say slutty things.
#22 – Get a lap dance at a strip club with your husband watching.
#23 – “Accidently” show someone a hot pic of you while showing them something on your phone.
#24 – Get hit on and picked up by a hot guy. Your hubby can “rescue” you at the right time.
#25 – Go to dinner with your husband. After the meal, slip your panties off and sit at the bar, and flirt with other men as he watches.

6 Points

#26 – Go out without a bra on while wearing a sexy shirt without your hubby.
#27 – Go out in public with a remote vibrator in you and talk to attractive guys. Your hubby watches and controls it.
#28 – Dress revealing. Look at an attractive guy until he looks away. Bonus point if he approaches you!
#29 – Make up a story about getting it on with another girl while you give your hubby a handjob until he cums.
#30 – Have an anonymous dirty conversation with a stranger online. (Find more on: The Best Dating Websites for Cuckold Couples and Bulls 2021)

7 Points

#31 – Time how quickly your hubby cums when you talk about:
a. Fucking another man
b. Sucking another man
c. Him and a stranger (guy or girl) sharing you
#32 – At a party, leave at least one extra button unbuttoned.
#33 – Make up a story about fucking or sucking another guy while you give your hubby a handjob until he cums.
#34- Wear a button-up top. Hubby dictates how much cleavage is shown. Smile and flirt with every person that looks. At the end of the day, tell your hubby about it while you blow him.
#35 – Next girls’ night out, wear a dress or skirt with no panties.

8 Points

#36 – Hubby gives you money to buy new shoes. Wear a skirt with no panties while trying them on while someone assists you.
#37 – For a short period of time keep your husband Pussy Free and let him only jerk off or use a plastic pussy such Spankadoo masturbator. (Read our review for more information.)
#38 – Have your hubby fuck you slowly while you tell him a made-up fantasy about fucking someone else.
#39 – Use a vibrator while watching porn (any genre – your choice) while describing how hot the guy is or how big his cock is while your husband is forced to masturbate.
#40 – Fuck in the bathroom of a club or bar after flirting with strangers.

9 Points

#41 – Tell your hubby a made-up story about having sex with someone else while he fingers you. Bonus point if it’s a true story from your past and you let him know! (Read more: How to Cuckold – Listen to Her Stories About Ex-Boyfriends)
#42 – “Accidentally” rub against a guy’s dick through his pants with your hand or ass.
#43 – Wear a short skirt. Do things like crossing your legs, adjusting your shoes, etc. to see if any strangers try and look up the skirt. If you catch them, smile. Bonus point if no panties!
#44 – Dress sexy and sit at a bar by yourself. Smile, flirt, bend over, etc. as your hubby watches. Then go home with your hubby and fuck!
#45 – Hubby dresses you as he sees fit. Go out and do whatever he asks.

10 Points

#46 – On a girls’ night out, send your husband pictures of you flirting and having fun with other men.
#47 – Get 3 guys to buy you a drink at the bar. Do whatever it takes to make it happen!
#48 – Go to a club and dance with another man while your husband watches.
#49- Go out without your hubby, flirt with strangers, and keep texting your husband giving him updates about it.
#50 – Wear sexy, tight, short, or revealing clothes when his friends are over. Do things like bending over, etc. to show it off! See how often you both catch them sneaking peeks.