Boyfriend Confession of Sharing Girlfriend with Alpha

Boyfriend Confession of Sharing Girlfriend with Alpha male. This is a true confession of a Cuckold boyfriend who had to share his girlfriend.

Boyfriend Confession of Sharing Girlfriend with Alpha
Boyfriend Confession of Sharing Girlfriend with Alpha

I’m Maxwell and I’ve learned to share my girlfriend with a more dominant, more alpha type of guy. That’s really us in the avatar and photo ;). My girlfriend is the most amazing and beautiful woman I’ve ever known. I truly adore her. She is a caring, intelligent, radiant, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous woman.

When she let me know that she wanted more it was tough for me to come to grips with it, other than gripping my penis by myself later that night for hours. After a period of time spent fighting against my cuckold feelings as hard as possible (literally) I finally admitted the truth to myself and then to her.

Of course, I want her to have what she wants and deserves. She was sensitive to my feelings and way ahead of me with a guy already in mind. It was a cocky but impressive friend of ours who she had been with before. We talked for a long time that night, then we had hot sex.

That weekend she wanted to invite a friend of ours over. He is this tall, strong, dominant guy who I knew she liked a lot even though I always tried to ignore it. When the time came, I couldn’t handle it and I left them to be alone together. My head was swimming, and there was a pit in my stomach and a boner in my pants.

She videotaped their fun and after he left, I came back and she and I watched the video together. Watching that video changed my life. It was difficult to digest seeing her cum loudly and wildly, laughing, moaning, screaming… I didn’t realize it could actually be like that with her. But I watched it closely and I came hard stroking myself with her holding my face against her tits.

Over time this has evolved to her seeing him on a regular basis. I watch most of the time and sometimes they play alone. We’ve learned that they have fun rubbing his manly superiority and the whole situation in my face and I get off on being humiliated a little.

I watch them fuck each other all over the house and follow them around, sitting quietly close by or doing whatever I’m told. He takes her to places I never could and I know I’m lucky to see it happen.

At first, I thought each time they fucked would be the last time but when she asked for him again and again I could never tell her no. So that’s where we’re at now and I’m accepting of my place in our relationship because my girlfriend is everything to me.

The truth is it feels dark, intensely, gut-wrenchingly right to watch an objectively superior man give her what she needs once a week or so. That’s why I stroke my dick to it so much.