How to Convince Husband/Boyfriend to Cuckolding?

How to Convince Husband/Boyfriend to Cuckolding? Persuading techniques and ideas for reluctant men who can accept the Hotwife lifestyle.

Keeping the sexual passion alive within a relationship is essential for it to thrive. One of the main reasons you married your husband would have been due to the sexual attraction and compatibility you share with each other. However, no matter how sexually compatible you may be, some women just feel like they don’t want to be faithful anymore and have sex with someone else.

This doesn’t mean that the relationship has to end and that you are not in love with each other anymore; if anything, your husband may even be into it. When a man’s wife is sexually unfaithful, he will be known as a Cuckold. If you want to persuade your husband to be a cuck, first you need to understand yourself.

Understand Yourself Before Convincing

The first thing I’ll say is this: be sure of your own motives because you can be damned sure your husband will want to be sure of them. What I mean by this is ask yourself the searching question: “why do I want to sleep with other men?”.

And until you have some answers, don’t even think of mentioning it to your husband (incidentally, I’d give the same advice to a man wanting his wife to become a hotwife).

You see, in cases like this it’s simply human nature to assume if your partner wants sex with someone else, then it somehow reflects upon your desirability in their eyes. This is sometimes called “complex equivalence” and it’s a myth. In other words, your desire isn’t necessarily a reflection of your desire for your husband. In many cases, both couples find hotwiving is an incredible turn-on for both of them.

But note the word I used: necessarily. Because if you’re honest with yourself and you discover your motives are because you’re no longer attracted to your man, then becoming a hotwife is unlikely to improve things in the long term. You will simply become closer to your lover or lovers, and more distant from your husband — the exact opposite of what most couples want from hotwiving.

How to Convince Husband/Boyfriend to Cuckolding?


When it comes to convincing your husband to try cuckolding, you will need to communicate what you want to do, and why you want to do it, and he will need to tell you what he is prepared for you to do. Without effective communication, conflict may occur during the discussion or in the future. To keep your marriage healthy, you will need to be open and happy with it being a part of your sex life.

Educate Him

Making your husband aware of the benefits of cuckolding may be enough to persuade him. Evidence suggests that couples who cuckold are extremely sexually satisfied and are great at communicating with each other. If he is aware of this, he may feel less concerned about trying it. To help him see and understand more about cuckolding, you could show him images from

Notice Other Men

Nothing too serious to begin with – but when you meet a guy you like, let it show. It’s a way of getting hubby’s imagination going and gently opening the door to the possibility that you may, one day, not be exclusive.

Openly Flirt with Other Men
Openly Flirt with Other Men

Of course, it could also make him want you more and spice up your relationship. Once he sees you as a flirt, he will instinctively raise his game to compete.

Start with just enough flirting to let hubby know that you notice other men, and maybe would have been interested if you’d been single, but not so much that he worries what you’re up to. Then gradually, over time, take it a little further.

Just don’t take it too far until you’re sure he’s ready for it. Too much too soon, and you may permanently kill any chance of achieving your aims. You want a supercharged sex life, not a jealous rage or relationship problems, right?

Talk Dirty

To help your husband open his mind to becoming a cuckold, you should start by talking dirty to him. This way, he can see if he would actually be into it. If sexual stories about you being intimate and carrying out your sexual desires with another man turn your husband on, then he may be more open to letting the live show go ahead.

How to Convince Husband/Boyfriend to Cuckolding?
How to Convince Husband/Boyfriend to Cuckolding?

Tease Him

If your husband likes you talking dirty to him about being unfaithful, then the next step is to tease him. Teasing your husband by making him obey your commands and telling him your sexual dreams and fantasies with other men will give him a taste of life as a cuckold without being unfaithful. If he is still into it, then the next step is to try it for real.

Make Him Try It

You won’t know whether you like something unless you try it. You will need to keep this in mind when you are trying to convince your husband to be a cuck. If he is open to the idea, gets turned on when you talk dirty to him and tease him about it, then you should make him try it. If he enjoys it, then your persuasive techniques would have been successful.

In order to convince your husband to be a cuck, he will need to be interested in this sexual act before you choose to push it. Remember, consent from your husband is essential before you take part in cuckolding.

Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding

If you think all of these may be too much for him, then you can try some of these techniques that we covered before:

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