How to Stay Healthy as a Girly Sissy?

How to Stay Healthy as a Girly Sissy? A friendly article for girly sissies who enjoy being girly and looking for some advice to take care of their health as well.

How to Stay Healthy as a Girly Sissy?
How to Stay Healthy as a Girly Sissy?

You are indeed worth so much. That means all of you. Your mind is important. I want you to know how very special you are. You are human and you are valuable. Even when you don’t feel it, it’s still true. Even a diamond has rough edges, but it’s still a diamond. And you are a jewel worth more than any precious stone.

It’s not just your mind though, that is important to me. It’s your overall health. That should be important to you too. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a girly god or look like a goddess physically to meet some unreal expectation. I just mean that I hope you take care of yourself and give yourself some physical activity, while also being conscientious about your foods. It’s good for everybody.

Yes, being concerned about your health is good for anybody, but I believe that is especially true for us girly boys. It’s a very special feeling when I get all dressed up in my feminine gear for a workout. But that is a feeling that is productive and not just “to dress”. It’s a reason why I get up early five days a week to work out.

My girliness helps me create the habit and continue to sustain a habit of exercise. And that can be true for you too. You’re worth it. Developing an exercise routine and coupling that with girliness not only helps develop a love for exercise but also heightens a sense of girliness for the entire day. It helps create an awareness about the foods you eat and the amount that you digest.

Even if you never go on hormones, and thus never have the true ability to create a womanly body, knowing that you’re aiding yourself to be healthy in every aspect of your girly-boy-ish life, goes a long way. And if none of that strikes a chord with you, exercise because you get to wear the girly clothes that go with it. 😉

Girlies ask me all the time for workout plans or diets. I never give those, because they’re too difficult to piece together and no one can really explain a worthwhile routine and the “how-to’s” over a chat session.

Advice for staying healthy as a girly sissy

1) Dress completely in fem for your workouts. That’s obvious, right?

2) Drink lots of water.

3) Be selective about foods and drinks.

4) Resistance train.

5) Quick bursts for cardio (resistance is good here too) as opposed to slow-go methods.

With that said, those bits of advice are more in tune with what I enjoy, which is gymnastic rings and kettlebells (not CrossFit, btw) with a few dumbbell lifts. That might not be everybody’s cup of tea, so let me add an all-important number 6.

6) Do something that you enjoy, or that you can learn to enjoy.

I truly believe in the caption. Even if we have never exchanged any messages, I believe it: YOU are worth so much. You are. I hope you believe that. I love you, girlies.

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