8 Types in Swinging Lifestyle

8 Types in Swinging Lifestyle includes various mild and extreme fetishes that you can discover as a couple who are into an open relationship.

8 Types in Swinging Lifestyle
8 Types in Swinging Lifestyle

Just like swinging, fetishes are anything from mild to wild. It’s more than just sex — it’s a lifestyle. From nudists to disciplinarians, there is an alternative lifestyle for every taste you can imagine. Most fetishes are Male-Female (MF), although there are some with Female-Female (FF) partners as well. There are also Male-Male (MM) fetishes but partners are generally in their own community.

In many ways, you can say marriage is a compromise, or is it a switch? The male in a marriage is usually responsible for certain parts of the relationship and the female for others. When active in the lifestyle, both partners can “switch” when it comes to exploring their fetishes (whatever they may be). It could be as simple as the tickling of a feather to spanking and restraints; there are a wide variety of fetishes for us to explore.

If you want to make this holiday season extra special, try thinking “outside the box” and exploring some of these lifestyle fetishes. We’ve listed them from “mild to wild” so you decide:

8 Types in Swinging Lifestyle

Mild Swinger Fetishes

Fantasy Role-Playing: Erotic roleplay is one of the most common fetishes among swinger couples. It’s versatile and easily adjustable for a wide range of scenarios and comfort levels allowing it to be as simple or complex as you’d like. It allows for different emotional experiences where couples can act out fun and flirty characters like naughty schoolgirls or chasing a frisky French maid around the house.

Exhibitionism & Voyeurism: An Exhibitionist enjoys being watched and can achieve sexual arousal and/or pleasure from displaying his/her body. Meanwhile, a Voyeur enjoys watching others engaged in sexual activities. These types of fetishes are common at any swinger club or swinger event you may visit as the clubs/events are normally set up to accommodate people who like to be watched.

Cuckolding: This occurs when a heterosexual couple agrees to both explore the turn-on of the female sleeping with other men. The male partner need not be present; perhaps he gets off on the mere thought of his partner having sex with someone else. For others, there’s an element of voyeurism to the cuckolding as well.

Gangbangs: The act of a woman engaging with 3 or more sexual partners at one time. These are fairly common in the lifestyle and on any given week you can locate the nearest gangbang party by visiting the Events or Hot Date section of the SLS website.

Wild Swinger Fetishes

Cum Fetish: Jizz, spunk, seed, splooge, or load — you can call it whatever you like, but the lifestyle seems to have a fetish for it. Watching, tasting, creampies, or just regular facials, some men and women can’t get enough and have developed a cum fetish.

Pegging: This occurs when a woman wears a strap-on and uses it on her husband. It’s definitely a very touchy practice, but some couples in the lifestyle seem to enjoy the experience. We don’t recommend surprising your husband by simply walking out of the bathroom with a strap-on dildo equipped and ready to go. Some preparation and discussion are generally advised.

Gagging: Gagging refers to lightly choking on an object to the point of making gagging sounds. Often people with penises will get off on their partner gagging on them. It doesn’t necessarily take a giant object to induce gagging, something smaller can do the trick too. However, if gagging becomes uncomfortable or if you feel like you’re going to throw up, you should stop at any point you feel even a little bit off.

Erotic Sensory Play: This is manipulating the five senses to add fun and excitement to your sex life. With temperature play, the insertion of an ice-cold dildo into an orifice in contrast to hot wax dripping on the skin might propel a person into an orgasm. To a person bound and blindfolded, feathers might sensually tease to arousal unless you decide to “tickle-torture” that person (for those who prefer a little pinch over a light tickle).

Being a part of the lifestyle is a way for couples and individuals to connect safely and without judgment. It also allows for social interaction in a non-threatening and legally safe zone. Sexual fetishes among swingers are generally accepted, even if some do not practice it themselves.

Keep in mind that fetishes aren’t for everyone and we each have our own preferences. With respect and open and honest communication, fetishes can be an enhancing and exciting addition to the lifestyle.

Source: swinglifestyle.com

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