How to Choose the Right Chastity Cage for Men?

How to Choose the Right Chastity Cage for Men? This article includes pros and cons with deep explanations for various male chastity devices from steel to silicone.

How to Choose the Right Chastity Cage for Men?
How to Choose the Right Chastity Cage for Men?

How to Choose the Right Chastity Cage for Men?

There are many different chastity devices on the market. Everything from cheap Chinese knock-offs of the most popular brands to complete customized chastity belts costing several hundred dollars. I will only cover those that I feel are the most reasonable for those just starting out.

Before we begin, let me state that a chastity device is a very personal choice. What one couples likes may not be the best choice for the couple next door. There are a great number of things that need to be taken into consideration, such as penis size (when flaccid), the amount and type of exercise your guy gets, travel, and overall comfort. It may take some experimentation to find exactly the right device for you and your guy.

CB-x000 Chastity Series

Let’s begin with the most popular, the CB-x000 series which includes the CB-6000, the CB-6000s, the CB-3000, the Curve, and (if you can still find one) the CB-2000, all of which are made by A.L. Enterprises, Inc. ( ).

All of these chastity devices are made of acrylic and are welded together at the center. They come in a variety of base-ring sizes so you don’t have to worry about ordering a particular size. However, the CB-6000s was released to accommodate those with a slightly smaller penis than average. They do NOT make one for the extra-large penis, however. They also offer a set of “spikes” called “Points of Intrigue” which dig into the top base of the penis should it attempt to get hard. There are three different lengths of spikes included with each set. Personally, I think they are over-priced at $45us per set. But they DO work well!

I don’t recommend the Chinese knock-offs because they are usually NOT made of acrylic.

Well made.
Reasonably priced
No measuring is required.
Spikes are available.

They can break.
Spikes are an expensive addition.
Cause a visible pant-bulge.

Customized Steel Chastity Cage

To avoid breaking, most people will choose to go with a metal device. There are several different styles to choose from. Mature Metal ( ) will custom build any of their chastity devices to fit the way you want your chastity device to fit. They offer several designs. You can get spikes with some models, but not all, for an additional charge. Of course, being customized, these chastity devices will cost you a little more. But if the fit is important to you, this might be the way to go.

There are other customizing companies out there, but Mature Metal seems to have the best customer relations and best way to ensure proper fitting BEFORE you buy. So if you are looking for a custom fit, Mature Metal is the way to go.

Customized to fit properly the first time.
Steel construction won’t break.
Spikes available.

Can cause a pant-bulge.
Fairly expensive.
Long wait because of customizing.

Standard Steel Chastity Cage

There are many companies that make standardized devices out of steel. However, many do not use surgical stainless steel and those models will often corrode and/or cause irritation. Be VERY careful in selecting one of these.

However, if purchase from a reputable company, you can often save a great deal of money because they usually only come in one or two sizes. The nice part is that you can get quite a large variety of styles. Some have urethra catheters (usually removable) just in case you are feeling extra sadistic. Also, some brands offer some kind of spikes that can be included or not, depending on your mood. Some of these spikes are quite sharp and may even bring a little blood on occasion. So, I would recommend filing them down just enough to remove the sharp tip. They will still be effective.

Many different choices.
Optional catheter.

Spikes can be too sharp, requiring filing.
Limited sizes are available.
Difficult to judge the quality of steel.
Usually, cause a large pant-bulge.
Airport security.

Silicone Chastity Cage

There are a couple of companies making male chastity devices out of pure silicone. These stretch to fit snugly and are usually made from one piece. So there are no little parts to lose, no sizes to worry about. The most famous of these devices is the “Birdlocked” ( ) which can be bought with spikes in the head of the device. Most devices put the spikes along the penile shaft. But the spikes are NOT removable and you would have to purchase more than one device if you didn’t want the spikes always there.

While silicone is a nice stretchy material, it does not breath well. It fits very snugly and may not prevent an erection as much as a harder material would. However, because of its elasticity, one size will fit everyone. The Birdlocked comes in three sizes, getting the right one can be a matter of trial and error. In spite of what the manufacturers might have intended, these devices often do cause a bit of pant-bulge, but not as much as their steel or acrylic counterparts. All in all, silicone devices are not as popular as many other devices. Why I don’t know. They seem to do well.

One size always fits.
Smaller pant-bulge.

No removable spikes.
Not as comfortable as other devices.
Does not breathe well.

HolyTrainer Chastity Cage

In all my research into male chastity devices, I have never run into a device as perfect as this one. It is made by Novamédia of Sweden. The HolyTrainer ( ) is unique among male chastity devices in that it is made from a bio-sourced resin (plants) that is extremely strong. It has the unique property of becoming ply-able when heated. The HolyTrainer is formed without seams which means it won’t break where most plastic and acrylic devices break. At normal room temperature is very strong, but when heated normal body temperature (such as when you wear it) it becomes somewhat soft and will become quite comfortable.

The material used and the unique design of this device make it ideal for travel. It does NOT require the usual padlock and the only (tiny) metal piece used for locking the device in place does NOT set off airport metal detectors. If your guy travels a lot, this will be a really big plus! The base ring is also made of the same bio-sourced resin and will form-fit itself your guy’s body the first time he wears it.

The HolyTrainer comes in two sizes (like the CB-6000) for those smaller than normal guys. However, not only does the device NOT produce a pant-bulge, it is extremely comfortable to wear even while riding a bicycle. I am told (by a reliable source) that is the most comfortable device on the market. (Believe me, we have tried them all!) While it does not have any provision for adding spikes, it can be worn 24/7 removing it only for a thorough cleaning once a week (recommended for ANY device!)

Reasonably priced.
No pant-bulge.
Less apt to break.
No problem when traveling.
48-hour delivery (believe it or not)!


No spikes Chastity


All in all, the best device I have ever tested! I would strongly recommend the HolyTrainer as your number one choice for a male chastity device. If you heat it in hot water, it can be molded to fit any penis. Put it on your guy, have him take a hot shower, and the device will mold itself to come extremely comfortable.