How to Feel More Girly? 7 Ideas for Sissies

How to Feel More Girly? 7 Ideas for Sissies includes some of the best advice for beginners in their Sissy life who want to look and feel girly.

How to Feel More Girly 7 Ideas for Sissies
How to Feel More Girly 7 Ideas for Sissies

How to Feel More Girly? 7 Ideas for Sissies

Many of you know what it’s like. You are expected to be a man. You ARE a man. At least, you’re male. But you want to be girly. You want to wear dresses, skirts, lingerie, heels, cute outfits, etc. Also, you want pretty hair, smooth skin, a softer walk, and gentler mannerisms. You also want to be accepted as your girly self, but that’s not going to happen–at least not publicly and maybe not in your lifetime. You have family or friends, work, school, and social activities where you’d like to feel girly, but you know you must portray “man.”

That’s tough, isn’t it? But is all lost? I don’t think so and I want to share with you seven ideas that can help you feel girly when you must be “boy.” I would encourage you not to try and implement everything. Just try a few of these ideas, even if it is one at a time.

1) Smooth Out Your Image

Get smooth and fine. I personally enjoy shaving my upper legs and trimming my lower legs. But, I wish I could shave the entire bit. I keep my chest, topside of hands, and armpits shaven and even shave the underside of my forearms. Shave your groin too and keep the hair above that area short and groomed.

Additionally, you could try your hand at plucking eyebrows to a thin, but subtle arch. I used to do this without any question. Just make sure you pluck eyebrows at a time when no one will see you with a temporary reddish plump from the plucking. It goes without saying that man-hair problems should be taken care of anyway.

Keep the nose trimmed and the ears plucked. Ear hair is gross. Other options include, but are not limited to body lotions and conditioners, bleaching what hair you keep, and being conscientious about all areas of hygiene. Mostly, when it’s said and done, simply clean yourself up. Your outer boy will benefit just as much as your inner girl–it just feels great and feels clean.

2) Spoil Your Girly Self

Learn to enjoy the spa treatment. Take scented bubble baths, do facemasks, and moisturize with girly lotions. Paint your toenails in feminine colors and use clear polish on your fingernails. Don’t forget to clean your cuticles, having them softly tapered back. You could also try some slight growth that you could file to a more oval shape. Use a little foundation on your face or maybe a bit of eyeliner or eye shadow.

Try lip gloss instead of chapstick and keep it on you to use at any point during the day. Fruity flavors and perhaps some glittery gloss can add some excitement. If you’re feeling it, be a little riskier with some subtle mascara, blush, or lipstick. Get a pedicure or manicure. Get yourself some perfumes to spray on religiously. The point is, treat your inner girl like a princess. You (she) deserve it!

3) Be Girly Under There

If you want to feel girly, there may not be an any better option than panties. You can go as fem as you wish and as small as you can handle. No one will ever see unless you show them. Learn to enjoy a good Tuck. Keeping the little boy in check and his friends up and out of the way might be a bit of a pain at times, but it’s so worth it not to have a bulge.

A step up would be stockings or pantyhose. What a rush when you opt-out of socks! And then, there is the bomb: the bra. It’s not always going to work out as an option because of whatever kind of shirt you choose to wear. Some other secret options are things like girly temporary tattoos, garters, feminine socks, chemises, panty liners, or maybe a choker underneath a collar and tie.

4) Embrace Androgyny

This might be my favorite. Girls’ clothes can pass as men’s clothes. Women’s jeans are a great go-to. I have a few pairs of women’s jeans in boot cut and skinny. There are some options that won’t work, but there are plenty of options that can. Do your research. Also, although women’s shorts are generally short, there are long shorts made for women.

I almost got a pair of women’s cargo shorts once. I own a women’s swim short that passes. Like jeans, you can find cute shirts, and unless someone can tell that the buttons are on the opposite side, you’re golden. And alas, my absolute favorite. I’ll admit, I’m quite stricken by women’s sneakers.

What I love about shoes is that people don’t normally look down at their feet, and if they do, they’ll either not care or not pay attention. Trust me, there is no one going around checking to see if you have on narrow shoes or to see if your shoes have pink highlights. I’ve walked through streets, malls, shops, parks, ballparks, etc., etc. in Keds, cheer shoes, or flats without even the slightest second look (even though I kind of wished for it). I have a whole collection of women’s sneakers and wear them frequently to various public spaces.

Never once have I been questioned for it–even in the cutest pairs. If you wear something larger than a 12 in women’s shoes, companies like New Balance and Skechers make size 13 now and many companies are finally making 12′s as a regular. Thank goodness! But it’s not just tennis shoes. There are several casual flat options that are simply narrower versions of men’s styles. Obviously, if you’re trying to maintain a guy profile, you can’t wear heels, but you can try subtle platforms. Androgyny may not be as sexy as “all-out” but it’s great to have the option. even if it does look semi-manly, at least you know. I could continue to write more, but I must move on.

5) Accessorize

I’ve not done much with this one myself, but I can see where it would be awesome. Rings, earrings, belly button rings, toerings, necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets, or watches. I’d love to have a girl-size apple watch and band. It’s your choice in how much you’d like to glam it up.

Purses might be an option too if it could pass as a man-bag. What about a girlish backpack or sling? What about a semi-girlish phone case, computer bag, or a women’s wallet? Here’s an idea! Care to try a hairband? Or if your hair is long enough a scrunchie. Another option might be ladies’ eyewear frames or sunglasses. In cold weather, ladies gloves, scarves, or toboggans. How about cute hats or visors? When you’re at the beach or pool, use girlish towels. When working out, girls lift gloves. The idea here is to add a little something girly that makes you feel special.

6) Practice Feminine Posture and Gestures

So, you want to feel girly? Start acting like it. Talk softer, move more gracefully, sit more precisely. Cross your legs like a woman when you sit. Get into a car as if you have on a dress. Walk narrow as if on a thin line. Limp your wrists and point your toes.

Act like you have hips. Twirl your hair if you’ve got it. You may not want to camp it up too much, but you can certainly improve your mannerisms subtly over time. I definitely could use some help in this area. I’d say that the hardest part is developing the habit.

7) Do Girly Things

The options here are perhaps endless, but I’ll try to give a few. I like the idea of keeping a diary and writing in girlish strokes with pink or purple pens. Put little hearts for dots on your i’s. Doodle flowers. Watch chick-flicks (I know, that sounds sexist). Window shop often.

Go to women’s shops frequently and take every opportunity to go into those special places with your girlfriend or wife. With your significant other, cuddle like a girl would and be tender with your kisses. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Gym Bunny Candie post if I didn’t say it: “Dress girly for a workout.” Even if it is in the sanctity of your home, wear a sports bra and yoga pants, cute tops, maybe even a tennis skirt. It’s not about having a sissy workout.

It’s about transforming your body while luxuriating in feminine garments. And don’t forget your girly sneakers! LOL, One thing you could always try is an early morning or late night walk or runs in your girly gear. I live on a golf course and so I will sometimes get girly and run the course at night on the golf cart path. It’s such a rush! There are just too many options. I’m sure you could think of some.

Well, that’s what I have to offer, and by tomorrow, I’m sure to come up with dozens of other ideas that didn’t come out. But I hope these ideas help you in some way to bring a little girliness into your mundane male life, that, for some logical reason, you cannot escape.

Do you have anything to add? I’m sure it’s a good one.

Have a great girly day, girlfriends. Love you all!

Source: CandieHart

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