The Most Nail-biting Christmas Dilemma: Step-Daughter Cuckolding

The Most Nail-biting Christmas Dilemma: Step-Daughter Cuckolding for the father of a very horny daughter who loves getting bred. More importantly, she wants to get bred by her father. A great Wittoldry Cuckolding Christmas story.

You came home and you saw your step-daughter half-naked waiting for you. She wants your cock and sperm because she is in love with you. What will you do?

The Most Nail-biting Christmas Dilemma Incest or Daughter Cuckolding
The Most Nail-biting Christmas Dilemma Step-Daughter Cuckolding

Dad: Honey, what are you doing?

Daughter: Daddy, I’ve decided that I only want one thing for Christmas this year. I want you to be the first man I have sex with.

Dad: But honey…

Daughter: Daddy, yes

Dad: But honey…

Daughter: You’re going to give me what I want for Christmas and that’s that!

Dad: But honey, it’s only March.

Daughter: That’s right, Daddy. We’re nine months away. You can give me an early present now and if we’re lucky then maybe, just maybe you’ll have given me a second present that will arrive right around Christmas.

You are really turned on and want to do it. But she is your daughter and she is just 18 years old. So you come up with an excuse to at least delay this. It is a hard decision but it is probably better than this.

Dad: I think if we are going to do something for Christmas, then we should do something in that spirit.

Daughter: What do you mean, Daddy?

Dad: What if I wear a Santa costume for you? I am not ready for this. It needs to be special for you and for me.

Daughter: You are right Daddy. And, I love Santa. Let’s do it tomorrow. We still have time until the weekend when Mom comes home from her business trip.

You agree but you don’t know how to arrange things. And you are not sure what to do. Then, you decide to talk to a friend of yours who always said how he found your daughter so sexy.

So you told your plan to your friend and you got him the Santa suit so he can fuck your daughter but she will think that he is you. And you can easily hide and record as they have sex together. He agrees and gets really excited and he confesses how many times he jerked off to your daughter and how he took several semi-naked photos of her. It is surprising that your friend is such a pervert but so are you.

The next day, you talk to your daughter to get ready in her room and you will come to her room in a Santa costume. You exit and a few minutes later your friend goes in in his Santa costume. He is so excited to fuck your daughter as you watch. And your daughter is so excited thinking he is you. But she doesn’t know that she is going to get bred by your friend.

After some making out, he starts to lick and suck her little tits. She is so young and he is being really rough with her tiny breasts. Then, he starts eating her tiny pussy. Your daughter is shocked and turned on and moaning loudly. And, you are a bit panicked about how to control the camera or jerk off at the same time.

He brings his huge cock out. Both your daughter and you are shocked. She is a bit terrified of how he is going to fit that monster into her virgin pussy. But we some effort and coming and going he starts to fit that cock into your daughter. He is mounting your daughter. You can see some little drops of blood around her pussy. However, your friend does not mind and he keeps fucking your daughter slowly and in time he gets faster and faster.

You can clearly see that your daughter is in pain but he enjoys it too. Your friend was too horny to wait any longer and maybe he put in too early. You feel bad for your daughter but you feel really horny that she is in pain as well. That is why you can’t hold it any longer and you come in your hand. A few minutes later he ejaculates inside your daughter too. He also moans as he cums inside her tight pussy.

After he is done, he gets up and comes out. He thanks you and gets out of the house after taking off the costume. Then, you go into her room. Your daughter seems confused. She really needs a hug and she may start crying. But you notice that there is some cum coming out of her pussy.

So you go there and hug your naked and well-fucked daughter into your arms. She kisses you and thanks to you. You can clearly see her happiness and the start of womanhood in her face.

By: Adam Mc Amen

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