What Is Voyeurism? What Is The Difference With Cuckolding?

What Is Voyeurism? What Is The Difference With Cuckolding? General understanding about Voyeurs and 5 Signs You Are a Voyeur

What Is Voyeurism What Is The Difference With Cuckolding?
What Is Voyeurism What Is The Difference With Cuckolding?

What Is Voyeurism?

Often when people see the word voyeur they instantly think of peeping toms and public panty picture takers rather than the true voyeurs in the world. Yes, those types definitely fit into the definition but by all means do not represent the entire world of voyeurism. [1]

Voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of watching other people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature. [2]

A voyeur is by definition a person who gets sexually aroused from what they are viewing and/or talking about something that’s stimulating for them.

Although it has the stereotype that it’s always some guy hiding in the bushes trying to peek in people’s windows — that’s definitely not the majority.

Instead, we see that voyeurs tend to cover a multitude of activities ranging from the peeping toms to guys hoping to see upskirts to men and women that enjoy watching other people having sex. [1]

5 Signs You Are a Voyeur

Now that we are clear on what voyeurism is — let’s find out if you are one yourself!

  1. You Enjoy Watching Porn
  2. Stumbling Across Someone Naked Seems Exciting.
    Does the idea of coming across someone naked or undressing turn you on? If you get excited thinking about stumbling upon someone in the buff then you’re probably a voyeur.
  3. You Love Watching Your Partner Have Sex.
  4. Panties Showing? You Wouldn’t Tell.
  5. You Love it When Someone Talks Dirty or Even About Naughty Stuff in General.

So how did you do? If at least half of these were things you agree with then odds are you might have a bit of a voyeurism fetish going on! Let us know your thoughts on the topic and how about this. What’s the most voyeuristic thing you’ve ever done? [2]

What Is The Difference With Cuckolding?

Voyeurs love the idea of other men lusting after their hotwife/girlfriend. They want to see their partner enjoying themselves with another guy. When it comes to Cleanup time, a voyeur wants zero part of dining on that big Creampie.

Cuckolds often believe they are not good enough sexually for their partners when it comes to sex. If you think you’re a stallion in bed but just like to watch…again you’re not a cuck maybe a stag who likes to share and have more adventure (Read more: Vixen and Stag). When you ask yourself, “what is a cuckold” I want you to remember whether you are or aren’t doesn’t make you less of a person or a man. [3]


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