Ultimate List Of Kinks And Fetishes For Couples

Ultimate List Of Kinks And Fetishes For Couples is a full list of every erotic activity either legal or illegal for every type of person. Most of them are just for information.

Ultimate List Of Kinks And Fetishes For Couples
Ultimate List Of Kinks And Fetishes For Couples

This post is an educational resource to explain less known or understood kinks. The definitions are short but provide the basics but for some of them, you can click and read further.

Some of these kinks are immoral and/or illegal, I do not support or endorse all the kinks shown. Many of these can or should only exist in fantasy. Despite that, the website remains free of kink-shaming and will stay that way. Feel free to ask questions or get clarification on anything you are unclear about! But straight-up rudeness will not be tolerated.

Ultimate List Of Kinks And Fetishes For Couples

ABDL stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover, which applies to people who enjoy wearing diapers as an addition to their little space and those who enjoy the humiliation aspect. Some people enjoy being humiliated and forced into going to the bathroom in a diaper.

Abduction/seduction Role-play One member, typically the sub plays the role of an abduction victim. The doms’ role is to capture them and seduce them.

Ageplay is one partner role-plays as a different age during sex. This can include teacher/student roleplay and DDLG, among others. It doesn’t always include playing at an age below 18, and in some cases, people will play as older rather than younger

Alien Impregnation which people fantasize about aliens making them carry their offspring. Some use certain toys to mimic eggs being laid inside of them, which is called oviposition. (Read More: Breeding (Impregnation))

Aliens: Finding aliens or the thought of them arousing and/or enjoying fantasies of sexual activity with them.

Alpha/Omega: the dom is referred to as the alpha and the sub is referred to as the omega. It is connected with primal play, Wolf play, and sometimes puppy play. Commonly referred to as omegaverse, it is complex in its roles and characteristics.

Anal Training gradually increases the size of objects being used for anal insertion to train the receiver to handle larger objects.

Armpit Fetish-being turned on by the features of an armpit. This can also go along with Humiliation kinks.

Biting– enjoying the feeling of biting or being bitten

Bladder Control– A BDSM fetish where a sub enjoys being told when and where they can pee by their dom.

Blood kink– A blood kink can be finding blood pretty, enjoying making people bleed, or enjoying when someone makes you bleed. It links to masochism and sadism. As with anything, it should always be consensual

Body Contrast-Finding opposing bodies attractive, for example, a chubby person and a slim person or a tall person and a short person

Body Worship-one person praising or worshipping the other’s body either for its beauty or out of submission.

Bondage-Being tied up, chained, physically restrained, or handcuffed.

Branding– having marks burned onto you, often to show ownership but can be for decoration.

Breathplay– anything that restricts someone’s airflow for sexual pleasure.

Breeding kink-this one is complicated, it involves pet-play or primal play. For some, it just means being cummed in and some actually want to be impregnated. (Read More: Breeding (Impregnation))

Bukkake: Having a group of men masturbate around you and cum onto you.

Cages: Similar to a dog kennel, used for locking up the sub. Used mostly for pet play, and Humiliation.

CBT stands for cock and balls torture, which is where someone inflicts pain or injury on male genitals. This is attractive due to the dominance factor in Femdom relationship.

Cervical play -Stimulation of the cervix (the lower part of the uterus) to achieve orgasm. This requires research and technique. If you are interested in this please do your research.

Chain Bondage -being bound or held down with chains which is part of BDSM fetish.

Chastity – for females wearing a chastity belt, for males wearing a Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage) (a cage around their genitals) that prevents them from touching themselves or feeling sexual pleasure. These devices usually have a lock with a key controlled by the dom. Cock cages-The male chastity device, often lock and prevent full erections. Over time they can reduce the size of genitalia. They are usually used in feminization and Humiliation.

Choking: squeezing the sides of the neck temporarily as a sign of dominance

Cock Rings: A band or ring that restricts blood from leaving an erect penis. This can help with maintaining erections and continuing sex long enough for the other to finish.

Cock slapping: During oral sex, the receiver removes themselves from the givers’ mouth and slaps their face with their dick. This can be a dominance move, for humiliation, to tease the sub, or simply for fun.

Cockwarming: Holding still with someone’s cock/ strap-on inside you.

Corruption -Feigning innocence so that it can be taken away. Often people will play that they’re virgins or inexperienced to relive the pleasure of a first time. It can help people to feel pure again after trauma or to feel more owned. It can also be used for the dom to “teach” their sub about pleasure.

CNC stands for consensual non-consent, which is where people consent beforehand and then play as if it was non-consensual. This can be anything from rape-play to somnophilia to being held down while you struggle to escape.

Cross Dressing (Sissy): dressing as another gender. ie. a boy wearing a dress and heels. (Read More: feminization)

Crying Fetish: being turned on by tears, by making your partner cry, or being treated so roughly that you cry. Found attractive due to it showing the intensity of a scene

Cuckolding: Enjoying the humiliation of watching your partner have sex with someone else.

Cunnilingus is a fancy word for eating someone out.

Cum play is receiving cum from multiple people, eating cum, being fed cum, or cum inflation.

Daddy Kink: Despite common knowledge, this doesn’t mean DDLG. A daddy kink simply means you enjoy calling your partner daddy during sex. It doesn’t always involve little space, but it can if you choose. Daddy kink does not necessarily equal DDLG, but DDLG does equal daddy kink.

Degradation: being put down during sex using terms such a “whore” “slut” and “pathetic” as descriptions of the one being put down.

Docking: Two uncircumcised men, guy 1 pulls back his foreskin, guy 2 stretches his foreskin over the head of guy 1, who releases his foreskin back overtop of guy 2’s. It creates a moist suction effect that is quite intense.

Dollification is being made to look/feel like a doll or toy.

Double Penetration (DP): being penetrated in both holes at once, triple penetration is being penetrated in both holes and your mouth.

Drowning– a form of breath play in which one person is held underwater. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS SO BE CAREFUL

Dumbification– Being degraded, not being allowed to think for yourself, or the fantasy of being turned into a brainless sex toy

Edging-Being brought to the edge of cumming repeatedly without finishing

Electric shocks-Getting pleasure from the pain of being shocked or shocking someone.

Electrostimulation is having specific muscles stimulated to give pleasure.

Enema play-Used for humiliation or to cause discomfort. it is also used to prepare for anal sex as a way to stay clean, reduce infections, and increase sensitivity

Exhibitionism– risky sex in public or sex where you have someone watching you

Feederism– The “feeder” takes care of the “feedee” and makes them eat, sometimes until they can’t move and depend completely on their feeder

Fem boys-boy subs who act feminine or enjoy looking feminine as a sexual turn-on (Sissy). Often for humiliation or just for fun and enjoyment (dressing up in lingerie, skirts, and other feminine outfits), this is done as sexual activity, not necessarily an everyday fashion choice

Fire play– A form of temperature play that involves holding flame on or very near the skin

Food fetish– being turned on by incorporating food during sexual activity

Foot fetish– attraction to feet. Little known fact, this happens because the area of the brain that feels genital sensation is located next to the one that feels foot sensations, and signals are easily mixed between them

Forced feminization– usually used with boy subs, it involves the dom forcing the sub to dress or act “girly”

Forced homosexuality-Being “forced” to participate in sex with someone of the same gender. Often the one being “forced” (as it should still be consensual) will enjoy being degraded or called gay slurs

Forced orgasms– being forced to finish quickly instead of slowly and pleasurably. It can also be when you force someone to continue cumming after they already have.

Furries – people sexually interested in animal characters that have human personalities and characteristics. For some furries, they like the art and fun, for others the sexual aspect

Gaping/stretching-Seeing a hole stretched after insertion of a large object. Especially when the hole doesn’t immediately close after removing what was in them.

God/goddess worship-worshiping your dom as though they are your god or goddess

Gun play-threatening someone with a gun. It is all consensual and involves the fear and control factors

Hand fetish-being turned on by or attracted to hands specifically.

Hoods– A piece of BDSM gear, commonly puppy play. It’s a leather “mask” that covers the majority of the face. They are used for more than just pet play, often for degrading or humiliation as well as CNC.

Housework (service)-Being made to do housework in servitude for the dom. This is enjoyable because it makes the sub feel obedient and helpful.

Human furniture– Pretending to be a chair, footrest, coatrack, or any other piece of furniture in order to serve someone.

Humiliation– being made to feel embarrassed about something. ie. “you’re so disgusting getting turned on by _

Hunter/prey-role play in which the dom acts as a predator hunting their prey down and the sub acts as prey.

Ice play-a a form of temperature play involving running ice along someone’s body. This increases sensitivity and can heighten sexual pleasure

Impact play-This involves someone being hit in some way. It includes spanking and slapping.

Breeding (Impregnation)-being turned on by the thought of becoming pregnant.

Inflation-few people actually carry out this kink with air, it’s mostly fantasy. It involves the wish to be blown up, often using air, but can also include being stretched by food or cum. Food is the most common for use outside of fantasy, but the air is occasionally used

Intercrural sex– Being fucked between the thighs, often used to degrade or humiliate.

Knife play-being threatened with, having clothes cut off, or cut by a knife by someone else.

Knotting– Using a specific type of dildo that has a widened bulb towards the bottom. Knotting is the action of pushing the bulge inside

Latex- being turned on by someone wearing latex

Lactation (milking)-Being turned on by human milk production and actions involving that. Often milking, ANR (adult nursing relationship), and cosplay.

Leather– being turned on by someone wearing leather

Lord/lady worship-worshipping your dom using the title lord or lady

Maid play-tole play where the sub acts as a maid for their dom

Maiesiophilia– Attraction to the characteristics of pregnant women. This is very natural and affects almost everyone in small ways. A better explanation can be found in my breeding kink educational post

Marking-this includes bruises, hickeys, scratches, bite marks, and any other marks left by a partner

Masochism-Enjoying pain during sex. This is very common, with numbers as high as 50% reported to enjoy it in some studies. The pain inflicted can range from biting to cuts or whipping

Master/slave-a dynamic in which the dom is the master and has complete control over their slave (the sub)

Medical role play-role play of a medical environment

Military role play-role play of a military environment. ie referring to the dom as your commanding officer

Mirror kink-Enjoying sex in front of mirrors or where you can view yourself during the act

Mommy kink-The fem version of a daddy kink, it simply means calling someone mommy during sex.

M-preg-Stands for male pregnancy, it means the fantasy of a man being pregnant (pretty self-explanatory)

Mummification– being completely tied up, similar to the way a mummy would be. Can be done with ropes, chains, wrappings, or sometimes duct tape

Needle play– A type of pain play that involves being pierced/stabbed with needles

Nipple torture-This can involve anything from nipple clamps to biting, or just excessive stimulation

Objectification-being turned on by being objectified and having your body looked at as just a toy for others pleasure

Omorashi-A fetish that involves wetting oneself, enjoying seeing someone wet themselves, or simply having a full bladder

Orgasm control-being told when and how often you can cum

Overstimulation-being forced to cum repeatedly

Pack dynamics-a group of people participating in a BDSM dynamic together. You may have alpha, beta, omega, and ranging levels of power in between that

Pegging– stereotypically known as a girl using a strap on for anal on a guy, but the one receiving can also be a girl

Pet play-a BDSM dynamic in which the dom acts as the owner and the sub acts as a pet of their choice

Piercing-being turned on by being pierced by needles

Plugging-Having a butt plug inserted (or a plug for vaginal use)

Prostate Milking-The act of fingering a man for orgasm through a prostate orgasm.

Public play-Sexual activity in areas you risk being caught or are fully visible to the eyes of a group. This should not be done with non-consenting third parties.

Pumping/suction– using suction toys to increase blood flow to the genital area. It can often make them appear puffy or enlarged as well as increase sensitivity

Race play-Playing as a different race or ethnicity as a form of degradation. It can also be enjoying racial slurs during sex. Often seen in porn when they emphasize race (commonly black women being overpowered by white men or white women overpowered by black men). This is not a kink that meets moral standards.

Rape play-different from CNC, it involves playing out actual rape (often much rougher than the broad term of CNC)

Rimming-similar to being eaten out, except performed anally

Rope bondage-being tied or held down using ropes

Ruined Orgasm-Stopping stimulation in the middle of an orgasm to ruin it.

Sadism-enjoying inflicting pain on others, and their response to it.

Scat play-Anything involving poop during sex

Scent kink– Being aroused by the smell of your partner, whether it’s their sweat, cologne/perfume, or any smell around them

Selfcest– The fantasy of having sex with a clone of yourself (this kink doesn’t exist in practice, only fantasy)

Sensory deprivation– Having your senses taken away. This can include things such as blindfolds, noise-canceling headphones, or anything that stifles your senses during sex

Shibari-Tying rope around someone to create patterns with it often considered an art form

Size kink-Enjoying someone bigger/smaller than you, whether it’s through realistic proportions or not. Many people will fantasize about a giant or giantess as a form of a size kink

Somnophilia – being turned on by sleeping people or the act of having sex when one of the people is asleep. It’s a form of CNC and is usually consented to earlier in the day, or limits are set for that particular relationship.

Sounding– Insertion of objects into the urethra

Stitching-using needles to stitch someone as a form of needle play

Suspension-a form of bondage that involves being hung above the ground

Tentacles-Being turned on by the appearance, movement, or idea of having sex with tentacles involved. Often associated with an alien or monster kink

Temperature play-stimulation through heat or cold. This heightens the senses and translates to greater arousal

Tickling-being turned on by being tickled or tickling someone else. This again involves the sense of touch which can translate to many sensations across the body, or it might be enjoyed just as a power play.

Vein fetish: being turned on or attracted to veins

Voice kink: being turned on specifically by someone’s voice

Vomit: Enjoying watching or making someone vomit.

Vore: An imaginary fetish, vore is Short for “voraphilia” or “vorarephilia”: a fetish in which one fantasizes about being eaten alive or eating another creature alive (sometimes known as phagophilia). The most common type of vore is “soft vore”, being swallowed or swallowing whole with no bloodshed. There is also the less common “hard vore” which involves the tearing and chewing of flesh. Other types of vore include macrophilia and microphilia in which one character involved in the vore is larger or smaller than normal.

Voyeurism: A person who enjoys watching others perform sexual acts, especially when their watching is secret

Waterboarding: Placing a wet cloth over someone’s face to simulate drowning and restrict air.

Watersports: Anything involving peeing during sex, more specifically being peed on.

Wax play: Having hot wax dripped across your body as a form of temperature play. This can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing so make sure to look up what kind of wax to use.

Zelophilia (jealousy): being turned on by jealousy such as cuckolding and cuckqueaning.

Zoophilia: Attraction to animals (Beastiality)