How to make a Chastity Contract for Male Slave?

How to make a Chastity Contract for Male Slave? The article involves some strict rules and agreement between the keyholder and the Lockee (caged male).

How to make a Chastity Contract for Male Slave
How to make a Chastity Contract for Male Slave

It’s a New Year so you might want to try long-term chastity with more strict rules. You can apply these rules or contract with a Femdom relationship partner (maybe slave husband/boyfriend) or just a plane BDSM partner.

This is just a summary of the main points of the contract between Pippa (The Keyholder) and Shaun (The Lockee). The Lockee will be provided with a detailed version of this contract within 48 hours.

How to make a Chastity Contract for Male Slave?

Below you can find some strict chastity rules for the slave caged male. You can fill in the gaps as you wish and update it later.

How to Speak

The Lockee shall always address The Keyholder as ‘Miss’ and nothing else.

The Lockee shall speak only when spoken to. And, the Lockee shall not contact The Keyholder without their prior express permission;


The Lockee shall not refuse or hesitate to perform any task or chore assigned to them by The Keyholder or their nominated associates;

The Lockee shall do everything The Keyholder says and agree with everything The Keyholder does.

Contact with Other Females

The Lockee shall not actively seek the attention and company of any female and must take all steps necessary to avoid such an event occurring.

If contact is unavoidable, The Lockee must immediately inform the female of their loyalty and obligations to The Keyholder and the fact that the Lockee is locked in a steel chastity cage which prevents any kind of sexual activity until at least ………………………………;

Hygine and Control

The Lockee shall maintain very high standards of hygiene in respect of the chastity device and general personal care;

The Keyholder will check that The Lockee is securely locked and wearing accessories (Ball Gags, Butt Plugs, handcuffs, etc.) and clothing as instructed by The Keyholder. This will be achieved by way of several random daily texts from The Keyholder to The Lockee. The Keyholder will expect a response within 30 seconds of The Lockee receiving the text, with a requested image and card clearly showing the exact date and time;

Ownership and Rights

The Keyholder reserves the right to transfer ownership of The Lockee to any person or persons of any gender or sexual orientation of The Keyholder’s choosing at any time;

The Keyholder reserves the right to use images and text on public social media platforms which they deem to correct and improve The Lockee’s attitude and behavior and encourage The Lockee’s compliance with instructions from The Keyholder;

The Keyholder reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time which will render The Lockee’s chastity sentence permanent.

Terms of the Contract

Failure by The Lockee to comply with any part of this contract and Failure by The Lockee to follow The Keyholder’s instructions to the letter could result in this contract being terminated forthwith, and The Lockee’s chastity becoming a whole life sentence without notice.

This contract supersedes any previous contract with any previous keyholder. Also, this contract is strictly non-negotiable.